The Villain's Little Cat

The Villain's Little Cat

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    “What?! I turn into a little cat… at the end of the world?”

    Kate looked at her small limbs with desperation. She glanced at the others who awakened strange and powerful abilities while she turned into a small cat without any combat ability.

    She wanted to cry.

    Thankfully, this small cat has an owner. Her strict professor who looked cold and unfeeling.

    With no other choice, Kate can only follow him.

    Kyle looked at the little cat in his arm who showed an innocent look.

    Have you ever seen a cat acting coquettish after stealing food to hide her guilt?

    Have you ever seen a cat take a bath so happily?

    Have you ever seen a cat… turning into a little kid?


    Looking at the cat eared little girl with cute tail, Kyle sighed and decided to become the girl’s father and taught her the way of the world.

    But when cat eared little girl suddenly grew up into an adult… Kyle fell silent.

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