Who Would Fall in Love After Being Reborn?

Who Would Fall in Love After Being Reborn?

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    Struggling until the age of thirty-eight without being able to afford a house. Facing the need to pay a dowry of three hundred thousand in order to get married. Living frugally for most of his life, working to the point of his liver breaking.

    But, where was his money? Who in the world earned all the money away?

    Jiang Qin, filled with countless resentments, is reborn at the age of eighteen. The only thought upon opening his eyes was to start a business and make money.

    He snatched back the love letter he had given, flipped it over, and under the shocked gaze of the school belle, wrote three lines:

    I shall never work a job again!

    I just want financial freedom, never to be a s*ave!

    As for love? Not even dogs would bother with that!

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