The Villain's Little Cat

Chapter 243 - 243 Injured Soldiers
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243 Injured Soldiers

“The location of the barracks is near the entrance towards the underground waterway. It’s also the largest entrance we prepared to fight against the two rank 7 giant mutated snakes underground,” Yuri explained.

In other words, he himself had to head there because he would be strengthening the ground with his metal element in order to make sure that the two rank 7 giant mutated snakes would not break the ground.

“I see.” Kate nodded. She thought that he was being polite but it seemed that he also had to head there.

Lucy was looking in Yuri’s direction and narrowed her eyes. There had to be several entrances towards the underground waterway. Why did this Mr. Yuri had to follow them and picked the nearest one?

She felt that it was suspicious.

But not knowing the map of the underground waterway of City H along with the fact that she didn’t know much about the military power of the soldiers in City H….

She couldn’t really say anything.

Lucy only put up her guard.

They continued walking and finally reached the barracks. Looking at the soldiers who were badly wounded, Kate was stunned. She didn’t expect that there would be so many injured soldiers in City H.


“Are there no doctors around?” Lucy couldn’t help asking too.

The scene in front of them was a bit too much.

There were so many soldiers who were laying on the ground, barely breathing. Several parts of their bodies were wrapped in bloodied bandage and several people were busy moving around to keep these soldiers alive.

Kate looked at their black dots and shook her head lightly.

These soldiers were all on the verge of death.

She could save them, but it would consume a lot of her abilities because the number of injured soldiers were too many.

“They are the soldiers who are tasked to protect City H both from the giant mutated animals and also the rank 7 giant mutated snake.” Yuri pointed at the soldiers in front of him. His eyes reflected dullness and calm as this has become the scene that he had to see over and over.

With so many giant mutated animals roaming around and attacked human countless times, deaths have become so common.

It was to the point that they had become numb.

Seeing such tragic appearance, all they could feel was dullness and the fact that they were so small. So small that they couldn’t do anything in the face of these tragic disasters that befall humanities.

Kate clenched her fist.

She had been following Kyle and was often shielded from the view that was too gory or too tragic. After all, who would want their loved ones to be faced with such tragic situation if it could be avoided?

No one wanted to see it either.

City E had been recovering and everything was so orderly. Because of the system that was implemented, the people were all working together with eyes full of hope. They all believed that the future would be better. 𝐟𝓇𝒆𝐞w𝐞𝙗𝓷o𝘷𝐞𝒍. c𝐨𝒎

But these injured soldiers here were different.

They couldn’t be cured through normal means anymore and the doctors were already on the verge of giving up. Unless the healers were of high enough ranking, it was impossible for these soldiers to survive.

Perhaps, they had already given up from the moment before Kate came here.

“If you can’t cure them, then it’s fine.” Yuri looked at Kate and then walked out. “I’m going to do my work.”

“Kate…” Lucy called from the side.

“Their condition is really bad, but I can still help them.” Kate glanced at Lucy and smiled bitterly.

War is cruel.

And these giant mutated animals were simply pushing all of them to their very end. They were forced to fight for their lives. There was no peace anymore.

Even though Kate knew that she was so kind, she couldn’t simply let these soldiers just die like that.

She knew that being kind in this kind of times was only seeking trouble.

There were a lot of people who would want to take advantage of her.

But so what?

Since she was able to help them, she wanted to stretch her hand and offer her help. She couldn’t possibly help everyone, so she would only help those in front of her within her capabilities.

At the very least, it could help reduce the number of casualties.

With that in thought, Kate stretched her hand. The light dots that was invisible to the eyes of others fluttered on her fingertips.

Slowly, Kate crouched near one of the soldiers, her abilities worked and began to suppress these black dots. Seeing the black dots being suppressed instead of disappearing, Kate arched her eyebrows.

She could forcefully erase those black dots.

But it would take too much of her abilities, which was very inconvenient when she had to treat so many other soldiers who were also injured.

‘Just who or what is attacking these soldiers?’

To be able to make them so injured like this, Kate didn’t know what they had been fighting before.

And this made her feel strange.

This was the first time she ever encountered such a difficult problem. These black dots seemed to be different from the ones she had seen so far from other people whom she had treated in the past.

But what made them different was something that Kate didn’t know.

She didn’t speak out her thoughts.

Her hand simply rested near the soldier, healing him slowly while she was thinking.

At the side, Lucy was watching Kate healing the soldier. The soldier’s condition improved at the speed visible to the naked eyes, making her sigh lightly.

No matter how many times she had seen Kate’s abilities, she always felt that Kate was really amazing.

Behind them, Yuri was watching the scene, his pupil flickered with strange light while the corner of his lips curled up to form a faint smirk. He then stretched his hand towards the ground in front of him as his abilities began to work.

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