The Founder of Qi Cultivation, Reincarnates?

The Founder of Qi Cultivation, Reincarnates?

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    In the God Domain, Cultivators were far and few between, but each of them wielded power that would make them known as gods.

    How did they come to have such power? They comprehended the laws between heaven and earth and became those very laws.

    But something occurred, a youth that hadn’t gained the acknowledgment of the heavens to become a cultivator chance upon Qi. Determined to reverse the bad hand faith had dealt him he started researching it and came to a shocking conclusion. The very laws that the heavens prevented him from comprehending were swirling around in this strange energy!

    The youth thought to himself that if he could somehow control it, then he could defy the heavens and become a cultivator. Without any hesitation he began researching more and found out that the only way to control this newfound energy was to absorb it within his body.

    After many years of preparations, he did exactly that.

    However, he promptly died from the finger size strand he absorbed.

    Ten years after his death a cultivator found his research journal and decided to further study this fascinating idea.

    Skip forward to an unknown period in the future and a baby was born into a powerful royal family as the second prince. Upon his birth this child had the laws of heaven and earth swirling around him. This immediately sent the royal court into a stir as they thought the heavens themselves had blessed the Emperor’s second son.

    But as that was happening, the baby that had just been born saw the midwife use a spell to turn Qi into water to clean him.

    Upon seeing this, the baby’s eyes widen into saucers as a voice screamed hysterically in his head, “W-WHO THE FUCK STOLE MY IDEA?!”

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