After Learning How to Read Minds, Mr. Huo Takes Me to Bed Every Night!

After Learning How to Read Minds, Mr. Huo Takes Me to Bed Every Night!

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    Shocking! The famous Lin family in Jinchuan went bankrupt.

    The public: Who made it happen?

    Insider: The unworthy descendant, Lin Wanli!


    Shocking! The ruler of Jinchuan, Huo Guixiao, is getting married!

    The public: Who is the bride?

    Insider: The domineering and arrogant Lin Wanli!


    Shocking! The identity of the person in charge of Taixi Biology had been revealed.

    The public: Who is the CEO?

    Insider: Is it still… Lin Wanli?

    That loser?!


    In her previous life, Lin Wanli was tricked by her best friend, framed by her scumbag father, and rejected by her grandmother. She couldn’t even protect her eight-month-old daughter, who was tossed in the trash by her nanny.

    After reincarnating, Lin Wanli desperately seized the opportunity to exact revenge. She also won over the man who helped avenge her. It’s just… She always thought that man also reincarnated. This was until she realized he could easily read her mind.

    “Mr. Huo, isn’t it a little rude of you to have reincarnated with special skills?” Lin Wanli asked.

    “When did I ever say I reincarnated?” He asked.

    “Did I misunderstand you?”

    “Not exactly. I do have a special skill. For example, I could hear you complaining about the bed being too small last night,” he replied.

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