To the Love of My Life

To the Love of My Life

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    “Honey, I have a stomachache. Please let me off tonight!”

    “Honey, I think I might have a slight cold. Please let me off tonight!”

    “Honey, I’m going to a friend’s house later. Please let me off tonight!”

    Before getting married, Ruby Gregory always thought about how to seduce Steve Burton.

    But after marriage, Ruby Gregory started thinking about how to get Steve Burton to leave her alone for one night.

    However, no matter how unbeatable her excuses were, he always easily resolved them.

    “Honey, I’m in the Maldives right now. Make sure to lock up the house tonight before you sleep!”

    Since she couldn’t avoid it, she decided to run away.

    She actually wanted to take a day off without consulting him?

    Steve Burton pondered for a moment and gave his assistant some instructions.

    At midnight that night, someone knocked on the hotel door, and Ruby Gregory heard Steve Burton’s gentle voice through the door, “Dear, open the door.”

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