Pretending To Be God

Pretending To Be God

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    George Sterling, once a successful lawyer turned actor, then turned magician, finds himself in dire straits as the rise of Artificial Intelligence takes away all his livelihoods. As he nears the end of his life, a family heirloom, a mysterious ring passed down from his father, transports him to an unfamiliar world seemingly distant from reality.

    Upon awakening, George discovers a newfound opportunity that awaits him. Initially tasked with portraying the Wizard of Oz to survive, he delves into this new role. However, as he embraces his new identity, an even greater challenge lies ahead: he must venture into the realm of pretending to be a god.

    This book uses characters and elements from L. Frank Baum's original Oz series which has entered the public domain and allows me to use them in my original book as long as I do not use the characters and elements from the adaptations that haven't entered the public domain.

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