Worldwide Beasttaming: I Can Design Evolution Lines

Worldwide Beasttaming: I Can Design Evolution Lines

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    Mu Xuan transmigrated to a dangerous world of beast tamers. Fortunately, after he successfully formed a contract with a beast, he awakened two major cheats consecutively: bloodline extraction and merging as well as an information panel.

    Hence, Mu Xuan extracted bloodlines and designed the strongest beast evolution lines until he became the strongest beast tamer.

    The world was beneath his feet and the sky was not that far out of reach!

    Icy Crystal Spirit evolved into Icy Crystal Frost Polar Dragon, and then Cinder Frost Dragon and finally Ember Star Dragon.

    Space Tanuki evolved into Void Dragon Tanuki, and then Dimension Leaping Dragon Tanuki and finally Heaven Divine Dragon Tanuki.

    Heavenly Fate Illusion Butterfly… Nine Lives Reincarnation Butterfly.

    Destruction Demon Bear…

    Divine Elf Envoy…

    Golden Sun Crow…

    Old Man Time…

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