Worldwide Beasttaming: I Can Design Evolution Lines

Chapter 194 - 194 Forcefully Killing the Heavenly Sword Demon Dragon King!
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194 Forcefully Killing the Heavenly Sword Demon Dragon King!

[Heavenly Sword Demon Dragon King]

Species: Sword/Heavenly Sword Dragon/Divine Beast

Level: Monarch Level

Bloodline: Quasi-ancestor Level


Quality: Legendary

Talent: Invisible Demon Sword, Heavenly Demon Technique Body

Skill: Spirit Sword, Xuan Sword, Star Sword, Illusory Sword, Divine Sword, Heaven Sword

Introduction: It was originally an ordinary metal dragon demon beast. After accidentally obtaining a broken sword and going through decades of digestion, it finally successfully turned into a Heavenly Sword Demon Dragon and transformed everything into the Sword Dao. Its strength is extremely powerful!

This was the first time Mu Xuan had fought such a powerful demon beast!

Be it quality, bloodline, talent, skills, or even luck, this Heavenly Sword Demon Dragon King could be said to be top-notch. It could even be said to be the son of providence among the demon beasts.

If not for the fact that Mu Xuan had split his Essence Soul seven times, he really wouldn’t dare to fight such a guy head-on!

At this moment, Mu Xuan was delighted!

The skills of the seven beasts brought Mu Xuan a lot of convenience. With more than ten control-type skills, he was already faintly suppressing the Heavenly Sword Demon Dragon King.

Just as Mu Xuan was about to pursue the other party, he instantly felt danger. The Future Prediction skill was instantly activated, allowing Mu Xuan to see through the hidden killing move of the Heavenly Sword Demon Dragon King!

“Formless Demon Sword, die!” The Heavenly Sword Demon Dragon King’s huge pupils were calm, but the killing move it had been hiding for a long time had already been quietly used!

The Formless Demon Sword was formless, following Mu Xuan like a shadow. This was not a simple formless sword, but a demon sword, and a demon technique!

It was a demon technique unique to the Heavenly Sword Demon Dragon King!

An invisible sword light suddenly streaked across Mu Xuan’s body, but in the next moment, Mu Xuan’s figure disappeared. It was Mu Xuan’s afterimage!

However, immediately after, invisible sword light circled around and even split into two to kill Mu Xuan!

Then, four invisible sword lights!

Eight invisible sword lights!




Sixty-four invisible sword lights vaguely formed a spatial array formation, locking down all the void and completely surrounding Mu Xuan. At that moment, they slashed down at Mu Xuan!

“Buzz…” The void shattered, and the black hole annihilated everything!

In the distance, the Heavenly Sword Demon Dragon King revealed a sinister smile. “Human geniuses must die!”

However, in the next moment, the Heavenly Sword Demon Dragon King revealed an incredulous expression. Above the Heavenly Sword Demon Dragon King’s head, a familiar figure quietly appeared. “Heavenly Sword Demon Dragon King, take this!”

“Time Chaos!”

“Luck Deprivation!”

In the faint golden light, the Heavenly Sword Demon Dragon King almost instantly fell into a state of time chaos. Its consciousness, direction, perception… Everything was already in chaos!

However, the Heavenly Sword Demon Dragon King didn’t know this. It was shocked to find out that it seemed to have returned to that year, the day it discovered that broken sword! Its consciousness began to become chaotic and it ignored the broken sword…


The past and the present intersected. The past began to affect the present!

Therefore, the originally powerful Heavenly Sword Demon Dragon King actually changed into another appearance in an instant, an Alloy Dragon!

The Heavenly Sword Demon Dragon King, which had ignored its greatest opportunity in the past, actually walked a brand new path and became an Alloy Dragon with shocking defense!

The Alloy Dragon vaguely felt that something was wrong, but its chaotic consciousness made it ignore this and only want to attack Mu Xuan!

Mu Xuan was also shocked by the power of this Old Man Time’s ultimate move, [Time Chaos]. It actually directly changed the past and then the present?!

Without giving Mu Xuan time to think, Mu Xuan attacked this alloy dragon crazily. “Thunder God Slash!”


The dazzling lightning transformed into the appearance of a divine sword and landed with a bang…


The lightning struck its body. Under the terrifying power, the Alloy Dragon screamed, but what was even more terrifying was that the power of lightning began to pour into its body!

As an Alloy Dragon, its huge weakness was instantly exposed!

After discovering this, Mu Xuan waved his hand and three avatars appeared. The four of them fused together and used terrifying lightning skills with all their might!


The Alloy Dragon struggled and twisted, but the terrifying lightning power severely injured it!

Finally, just as the Alloy Dragon was on the verge of death, the power of Time Chaos was finally exhausted. The virtual consciousness of the Alloy Dragon instantly dissipated, and its original self-awareness was overturned again!

“Human, you…” The Heavenly Sword Demon Dragon King looked at Mu Xuan in shock, even vaguely carrying a trace of fear!

Mu Xuan didn’t say anything else. Instead, he kept unleashing more skills. This guy could be said to be one of the strongest demon beasts below the quasi-ancestor level. Since it was already heavily injured, there was no reason for him to spare the other party!

Time Confinement!

Spatial Seal!

Star Gravity!

Rose World!


Domain Suppression!

He used all four control skills and instantly suppressed the Heavenly Sword Demon Dragon King!


Great Nirvana Divine Light!

Shatter the Void!

Holy Judgment! 𝐟𝙧ℯe𝙬𝚎𝒃𝗻𝒐ѵel. 𝐜o𝓶

The Heavenly Sword Demon Dragon King couldn’t even let out its last roar of despair. It could only watch helplessly as that terrifying skill landed on its head!

“I’m not convinced…” The Heavenly Sword Demon Dragon King roared in its heart, “I still want to become a demon ancestor. How can I die?!”

In the next moment, the holy power pierced through the Essence Soul of the Heavenly Sword Demon Dragon King…

Before the Heavenly Sword Demon Dragon King’s corpse fell to the ground, Mu Xuan had already taken it away. Then… he used Spatial Teleportation, Time Slash, and Destiny Is Here!

Just as Mu Xuan left, a terrifying will instantly enveloped the place. A terrifying destructive aura enveloped a radius of 500 kilometers!


It was the peerless expert of the Third Mountain Range, the Destruction Thunder Dragon!

“Human…” The roar of the Destruction Thunder Dragon instantly spread throughout the entire Third Mountain Range…

No one knew that the Heavenly Sword Demon Dragon King was actually the disciple of the Destruction Thunder Dragon!

The Heavenly Sword Demon Dragon King had long been watched over by the seven demon ancestors of the Hundred Thousand Mountains. It was almost confirmed to be the eighth demon ancestor!

However, now, it had actually died in the hands of a human. How could it not be angry?!

However, the Destruction Thunder Dragon couldn’t personally attack. It could only rage helplessly!

“All demon beasts, kill that human expert with all your might. You can’t let that person off!” A dignified voice spread throughout the depths of the Third Mountain Range!


When the aura of the Destruction Thunder Dragon disappeared, the monarch-level demon beasts of the Third Mountain Range looked at each other. The Heavenly Sword Demon Dragon King actually died? How was this possible?!

However, the remaining aura clearly indicated this!

All the demon beast experts knew that this top human expert had caused a huge disaster!

In an instant, the entire Third Mountain Range was mobilized and began to search for Mu Xuan. At this moment, the human beast tamers in the Third Mountain Range suffered. They didn’t know what was going on at all and were attacked by a large number of demon beasts!

The human beast tamers almost thought that another beast tide had erupted…

At this moment, in an undisturbed valley, Mu Xuan acted as if nothing had happened and quietly fished for fish in the lake.

Miraculously, monarch-level demon beasts flew over the valley from time to time, but they ignored Mu Xuan below!

Mu Xuan looked at the demon beasts flying in the sky and smiled gently. “Time Slash is really useful!”

Time Slash: Cuts oneself from the current timeline, allowing one to hide!

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