Worldwide Beasttaming: I Can Design Evolution Lines

Chapter 193 - 193 Invitation to Battle! Monarch Level 9!
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193 Invitation to Battle! Monarch Level 9!

After leaving the Door of Orbis, Mu Xuan began to enter the Third Mountain Range. He couldn’t wait to find a powerful monarch-level demon beast to spar with!

Three days later, in the depths of the Third Mountain Range, above a huge meteor crater, the level 8 monarch-level Meteor Gold Flame Dragon roared crazily at Mu Xuan, “Human, how dare you provoke the great Meteor Gold Flame Dragon, Omos? You’re courting death!”

The Meteor Gold Flame Dragon was the overlord of this area and was at the top of the food chain. Mu Xuan directly found it.

Opposite the Meteor Golden Flame Dragon, Mu Xuan laughed out loud. “Cut the crap. Let’s fight first!” In the next moment, the Star Fiend Light with terrifying cold power descended from the sky and charged at the Meteor Golden Flame Dragon!

Cold Calamity Star Fiend!

In the Hundred Thousand Mountains, Mu Xuan had long wanted to attack these monarch-level demon beasts. Previously, when he encountered these monarch-level demon beasts, he could only take a detour. It was only because he had the information panel that he could sense the appearance of these monarch-level demon beasts in advance and had never encountered them.

As for the other human beast tamers, they didn’t have it so good. Many beast tamers were swallowed by these monarch-level demon beasts that passed by. They didn’t even know what happened until they died.

In the Hundred Thousand Mountains, humans and demon beasts had always hunted each other!

“Roar, human, you’re dead!” The Meteor Golden Flame Dragon was furious and spat out a mouthful of dragon flames…

The power of the Meteor Golden Flame Dragon was even above Mu Xuan’s imagination. He wondered if this guy had absorbed the extraterrestrial metal in the meteorite crater, forming extremely powerful dragon scales!

Not only was its defense super strong, but even its magic resistance was extremely high. Many of Mu Xuan’s skills had hit it, but they actually only left a small mark.

A level 8 monarch-level Meteor Gold Flame Dragon actually had defense and resistance that exceeded the monarch level!

“Hahaha, kid, your spell is useless against me!” The Meteor Gold Flame Dragon laughed crazily. It was even so arrogant that it directly approached Mu Xuan and attacked him with its dragon claws.

Unfortunately, what the Meteor Gold Flame Dragon didn’t know was that at this moment, Mu Xuan had only fused with the Calamity Ember Star Dragon. The other seven beasts were all quietly staying in the Beast Taming Space.

After a fierce battle, Mu Xuan was ultimately unable to take down the Meteor Golden Flame Dragon. However, Mu Xuan smiled. Wasn’t such a resistant demon beast the best touchstone for him?!

A few minutes later, Mu Xuan switched beasts and fused with the Heaven Raising Dragon Polecat. Spatial blades instantly shot out!

“Heh, human, do you think that you can rely on the spatial element to withstand me? Dream on!” The Meteor Golden Flame Dragon sneered, but it was obvious that it was already serious.

Mu Xuan could tell that this Meteor Golden Flame Dragon’s resistance to space was far lower than the ice attribute. Mu Xuan felt that with the strength of the Heaven Raising Dragon Polecat, it could even forcefully grind this stupid dragon to death!

Mu Xuan then switched to another beast to fuse with. This time, he fused with the Primordial God Ant…

An hour later, the Meteor Gold Flame Dragon lay in the crater and looked at Mu Xuan in disbelief. It panted and said, “Human, how many beasts do you have? You’ve already changed seven to eight beasts!”

Mu Xuan smiled. “Not much, not much. There are only eight of them. Next is the latest beast I contracted. This time, I’ll go all out. If you can’t block it, you might die!”

As soon as these words were spoken, the Meteor Golden Flame Dragon shuddered and sensed the danger of death. It actually attacked first!

Its dragon tail actually emitted a pitch-black color and swept towards Mu Xuan!

Divine Dragon Tail Swing!

At this moment, Mu Xuan instantly turned into a black robe and emitted an ancient aura. However, the Meteor Golden Flame Dragon could sense how terrifying Mu Xuan was at this moment!

Facing the earth-shattering divine dragon tail swing, Mu Xuan’s gaze was faint. “Rapid decrease!”

The gears of time were spinning!

At this moment, the Meteor Gold Flame Dragon’s Divine Dragon Tail Swing actually seemed to have traveled for thousands or tens of thousands of years. The timeline was infinitely lengthened, andt its power was quickly decreasing. When it touched Mu Xuan, the power of the Divine Dragon Tail Swing was reduced substantially!

“Pfft—” Mu Xuan slapped and directly sent the Meteor Gold Flame Dragon flying!

The Meteor Golden Flame Dragon didn’t even understand what had happened. Its strongest Divine Dragon Tail Swing actually… had so little power. This was definitely impossible!

Mu Xuan suddenly lost interest and said calmly, “That’s it for now.”

Mu Xuan already understood that his strength was no longer something ordinary high-level monarch-level demon beasts could resist! 𝐟𝓇ℯe𝒘𝘦𝒃𝑛𝒐ѵe𝙡. 𝑐𝗼𝓂

He should find high-quality peak monarch-level demon beasts!

Looking at Mu Xuan’s departing back, the Meteor Golden Flame Dragon felt that its heart was about to split open. “Where did this ferocious person come from? He’s too freaking terrifying. What exactly happened just now?!”

“Boohoo, humans are so scary. I’d better stay in the crater obediently…”

The next day, Mu Xuan continued deeper into the Third Mountain Range. At this moment, Mu Xuan had already stepped into the core circle. Almost all the surrounding demon beasts were monarch-level, and there was no lack of pure-blooded dragon demon beasts at monarch level 8 and 9!

In fact, Mu Xuan even saw more than a hundred dragon demon beasts soaring in a huge valley, and more than a thousand sword lights rising!

Mu Xuan’s eyes lit up. He had taken a fancy to the strongest dragon demon beast in the valley—the level 9 monarch-level Heavenly Sword Demon Dragon King!

The Heavenly Sword Demon Dragon was from one of the most powerful dragon tribes in the depths of the Third Mountain Range. The most terrifying thing about this kind of dragon demon beast was that they had the Heavenly Sword inheritance. Their dragon horns could unleash the most terrifying sword skill!

It was said that this Heavenly Sword Demon Dragon King was even a powerful demon beast that competed with the quasi-ancestor-level demon beast, the Destruction Demon Dragon. However, in the end, the Destruction Demon Dragon obtained a huge opportunity and advanced to the quasi-ancestor level, becoming the ancestor of demon beasts.

However, the Heavenly Sword Demon Dragon King was not dealt with in the end. This was enough to show how powerful this guy was.

Mu Xuan was planning to challenge this powerful dragon!

In the next moment, Mu Xuan didn’t hesitate at all. A Great Nirvana Divine Light suddenly shot at the Heavenly Sword Demon Dragon King in the deepest part of the valley!

“How dare you!” A cold shout came from inside the valley. Then, a dazzling sword light rose and actually broke through the Great Nirvana Divine Light. It even had the strength to continue to charge at Mu Xuan.

When Mu Xuan saw this, he was not shocked but happy. He laughed loudly and said, “I, Mu Xuan, specially came to challenge the Heavenly Sword Dragon King!”

“Hmph!” A dragon more than a thousand meters tall soared into the sky and said coldly to Mu Xuan, “I don’t kill small fries!”

“Is that so? Then it’s not up to you!” Mu Xuan laughed. He used the ultimate move of Heaven Raising Dragon Polecat, shattering the void!

The space where the Heavenly Sword Demon Dragon King was at instantly shattered!

However, sword light filled the sky, and the Heavenly Sword Demon Dragon King walked out unscathed. It had already slashed at Mu Xuan with its sword light!

“Kid, you’ve provoked me!”

Mu Xuan laughed and used his skill again, Holy Judgment…

At this moment, in the depths of the Third Mountain Range, a terrifying battle instantly began. Terrifying powers that surpassed the monarch level and approached the quasi-ancestor level began to be unleashed!

Although Mu Xuan was only at monarch level 4, the combined strength of the seven beasts, the Calamity Ember Star Dragon, the Heaven Raising Dragon Polecat, the Rose World Spirit, the Holy Light Sprite Queen, the Nine Deaths Resurrection Butterfly, the Diamond Titan Thunder God Bear, and Old Man Time, had already exceeded the monarch level!

As for the Heavenly Sword Demon Dragon King, it was definitely not weak. It was also an existence comparable to a quasi-ancestor. The battle between the two peerless experts instantly attracted the attention of many monarch-level existences in the Third Mountain Range.


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