The Whole Village Thrives After Adopting a Lucky Girl

The Whole Village Thrives After Adopting a Lucky Girl

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    Brief Description: (Rebirth+ Farming+Magic Cave+Trashing Scum+Becoming Rich)

    Jiang Sanlang finds a newborn girl on the hill, and raises her as his own daughter. Not long after, his barren wife becomes pregnant with twins.

    Then, the Jiang family is showered with good fortune, gradually embarking on a road to wealth from being penniless.

    All the villagers are envious of the Jiang family’s good luck and want to partake in the little Fairy Child’s fortune.

    Yingbao waves her tiny hand: Come on everyone, let’s go plant some gold and Xue’er. I guarantee you’ll have enough food for a year, be rich in two years, and reach the peak of your life in three years.

    In the end, all the villagers do indeed become wealthy, much to the envy of other villages.

    Then one day, the family that abandoned the baby girl came to the Jiang family to demand their child back.

    The entire village is enraged, fists at the ready at the door: Bah! What shameless people dare to steal a child, they should taste some punches first.

    Yingbao dies, then reincarnates. She never imagined that she was actually a ‘throwaway character’ from a story, and all her experiences were engineered to drive the plot forward.

    In this life, Yingbao is determined to steer clear of the female protagonist and supporting characters, avoiding all storyline drama. She aspires to lead her adoptive parents and siblings to a good life, building a prosperous home.

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