I Reincarnated As An Immortal Bat Into Another World

I Reincarnated As An Immortal Bat Into Another World

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    Bong Jum, humanity's last hope, died on the final floor of the tower and transmigrates into another world as an immortal bat of a weak race, finding himself in a new reality. He needs to evolve into a higher race to gain the power to utilize his immortality; otherwise, he will have to either hide or be tormented by powerful foes.


    [Transformation Interrupted]

    [Initiating again....]

    [Failed again...]

    [Finding a suitable species and transforming from the beginning...]

    [Found species name: Bat]

    [Transforming the body into a Bat]

    [Transformation Completed]

    Using his power as a Vampire, he will turn humans into Vampires and create his own Kingdom with the power of the System that he acquired when he reincarnated. His loyal servants, under his command, will do his bidding, and he will rise as an Emperor of the new world, where both humans and Vampires could co-exist once again. Or will it be a world dominated solely by Vampires?

    Disclaimer: This web novel is a work of fiction. All characters, events, and settings are products of the author's imagination. The story is intended purely for entertainment purposes and does not aim to offend or hurt anyone's feelings. Reader discretion is advised.

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