Goddess Wives x Eternal Dungeon

Goddess Wives x Eternal Dungeon

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    A random invitation completely changed one man's life. Never to live the same ordinary days ever again.

    Dungeons appeared, followed by the discovery of monsters and mystical races; the common sense of the modern world turned on its head the moment superhumans began to awaken and fight back these monsters.

    Because they found something spectacular when killing the monsters...

    The monsters dropped special items, from weapons and armour to resources and gold.

    They were heralds of a new era!

    These new resources could fuel the world's power, making fossil fuels and nuclear power obsolete.

    Overnight, the world as people knew it changed.

    Reality warped, welcoming the end of normal life and causing the world to spiral deeper into a mysterious chain of events.

    The boy shouldering immense debt, inferior feelings due to his looks and dropping out of university.

    Maybe fate gifted him this chance while looking at the strange app.

    He has the chance to turn his life around forever, so he chooses.

    To enter the Eternal Dungeon.

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