The Sword and Heir of Shadows

The Sword and Heir of Shadows

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    #Mature Language, No Rape#

    [Opening theme: Jericho by Iniko]

    “The sword chooses his Master” , It did again.

    After many years of tough times, Kael becomes a warrior, and he has his companions with him. But things take an interesting turn when he finds a unique sword that sparks his journey to find out his Real identity.

    Kael isn't on this journey alone. He's joined by a, see-through presence, a guiding force helping him uncover his past. Together, they explore a world with broken kingdoms, searching for the key to their revival. This is the story of a warrior who has lived in the shadows, a tale of sacrifice, and the return of a powerful enemy.

    Kael's journey becomes a testament to the unyielding spirit of determination and the pursuit of justice, in a world where destinies are intertwined, and fates are shaped in times of conflict.

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