The First Vampire

The First Vampire

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    Afraid of the light, addicted to blood, and immortal…

    When Ke Lin transmigrated to this world, he realized that he seemed to fit all the characteristics of vampires.

    But the problem is, he couldn’t find any records about vampires in this world!

    Could it be that he is the first-ever vampire in this world?

    He had no predecessors to guide him.

    And there was no system to help him.

    In order to understand the powers and limitations of vampires in this world, Ke Lin had no choice but conduct experiments on himself and observe the reactions of his body:

    [Under direct sunlight, power levels decreased by 30%]

    [Throat, heart, and brain are no longer fatal weaknesses]

    [Ordinary foods will no longer satiate hunger, only blood can restore stamina]

    [Holy water… wait what?

    Who fed me holy water!!!

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