Soulless Players

Soulless Players

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    What would you feel if after living your whole life out, you found out that you're just a character in a book?

    That every encounter and misfortune were just the machinations of the author?

    And if one day, you will be given a chance to escape, will you grab the opportunity or remain drunk by your role?


    Philip was one of the puppets of fate and the main character of a famous book. Yet, unlike other main characters, his life was filled with tragedy and later ended terribly.

    Then one day, along with the other 99 men, he was summoned to fight for his freedom. He immediately agreed to participate. He wanted to live freely and control his own life.

    However, after seeing the might of his 99 enemies, he instantly became reluctant. Can he win against those who control magic and create miracles? He was just an unlucky soulless player with no interesting ability to begin with!

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