Saving The Abandoned Empress

Saving The Abandoned Empress

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    All her life, Eleanora did everything to make him love her but in the end, what she got from him was her execution for a sin that she never did.

    Before dying, Eleanora coldly stared at his bloody red eyes as he lifted up the sword to execute her…

    “I will never forgive you for killing me and my child.”

    For the first time in her life, She saw his anxious gaze.

    But it was too late as the sword in his hands had already landed on her neck, separating it from her body.

    Eleanora finally thought everything was over but then she opened her eyes again, to find herself back in 12 years in the past when all the misfortune was yet to happen.

    She was firm to change her tragic ending this time but it was not only her who changed…

    “Even if you hate me, you can only be mine in your every life… My Empress.”.....

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