PUBG Online Romance of the Century

PUBG Online Romance of the Century
Orc, Pubg Orc, Pubg世纪网恋
Chinese Novel

PUBG Online Romance of the Century

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    As a new anchor of StarTV, Yu Yan’s ruthless tr*sh-talk, natural rifle-shooting skills, and character of never searching houses earned him a big crowd of fans.

    He felt like he was a good anchor who treated all fans of his stream equally—you can suck at the game, you can get knocked down, but if you want the gun in my hand, sorry, no way man.

    Until he heard the voice of the streaming platform’s Big Boss.

    Yu · ultimate voice-con · Yan: I’m not familiar with this game, swap my Kar98k for your Mini-14.

    Yi · brand new noob · Chen: En.

    Friend: Daddy, I want to snipe too!

    Yu Yan: I think this frying pan suits you very well.

    Not-a-very good gamer but dripping with money and looks Big Boss vs Cute, super good tr*sh-talking gunslinger voice-con Anchor.

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