Protect Our Clan Leader

Protect Our Clan Leader

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    The main character has transmigrated to a Mysterious Fantasy Land as a ‘Clan Leader’. This is an attempt to paint a realistic reimagination of this mystical world from the perspective of a family member, be it nurturing Spirit Fields, raising Spirit Fish, and developing clan industries on all fronts. While supporting those undeserving elders, our main character becomes their protection, inspiring the younger generation to make a name for themselves by bravely venturing into the Sacred Land’s Academies.

    The family members in this story are harmonious and unified, working together in a concerted effort for a shared future.

    This fantasy world is not about passionate battles, but rather, it focuses on the enhancement of various family industries, where elements like monetary resources, facilities, house servants, household generals, clan members, relatives, and in-laws are key.

    Enjoy this attempt to view the stereotypical Mysterious Fantasy world from a fresh perspective.

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