This Lady Is Trying to Kill Me

This Lady Is Trying to Kill Me

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    “The Mysterious Dragon Scroll” recorded the supreme secrets of nine extraordinary techniques. According to rumors in the martial world, obtaining any one of the nine scrolls from “The Mysterious Dragon Scroll” would grant one extraordinary power, far surpassing ordinary people. The entire set of scrolls would bestow immortality and the ability to ascend to the heavens.

    Transmigrating into a dynasty known as the “Great Wei,” Ye Jingtang was taken in as an adopted son by Pei Yuanfeng, the head of a renowned escort agency, after being abandoned as a baby.

    After Pei Yuanfeng’s death, Ye Jingtang discovered that his adoptive father was a famous martial arts master. Even more astonishing was the fact that the remaining scroll of “The Mysterious Dragon Scroll” was buried beneath a ginkgo tree in the imperial palace.

    In order to obtain this unique treasure of the mortal world, he decided to take a risky approach and infiltrate the harem!

    “Hold on, lady, do you know who I am?”

    “Of course I know. You are the favored courtier of the Empress, the lover of the rebel leader, and the young master of a prestigious martial arts family. You’re seeing three women at the same time! I’m gonna kill you!”

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