Netori: Reborn as the Human Aphrodisiac

Netori: Reborn as the Human Aphrodisiac

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    After living a hopeless life and getting exploited to his breaking point for his unique powers, Mithras is diagnosed with a terminal illness, about to die a brutal death when he is murdered anyway by his boss for refusing to betray his sister.

    Reborn as the Human Aphrodisiac, and now equipped with a lewd system, Mithras is determined to use this second chance to avenge his past grievances and breed his boss' slimthick mom with a million babies!

    But there are two problems:

    1) He is now unkillable, but can only heal his injuries and sustain his immortality by drinking breast milk or love juice!

    2) The System has not only turned his entire body into an aphrodisiac but also made his cum into a five-star delicacy that can not only improve the beauty of any woman he has sex with but also turn them into peerless warriors!

    “Mithras, we want your secret juice!”

    “Ok. But how much are you willing to pay for it?”

    [Ding! Ding! Ding!]

    [Hidden Quest...Bad Girls Become My Bitches...completed!]

    [Hidden Quest...I Don't Stuff For Free...completed!]

    Surrounded by beauties chasing after his secret juice, and persecuted by their greedy admirers, can Mithras protect his secrets and stay true to his past life's principles, or will he indulge in the temptation of his new powers, becoming the Harem God of a generation?

    Spoiler Alert: Of course, he will!