My Fenrir System: Heir To The End

My Fenrir System: Heir To The End

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    [Congratulations! You have acquired the Fenrir system.]

    [Congratulations! You have become the incarnation of the End!]

    Erik kept an inquisitive look at the window suspended before him, unable to comprehend the magnitude of what was happening. Before him unfolded a strange system, now active, linked to the legendary beast, Fenrir.

    The floating window seemed oblivious to mundane concerns. Just as he had read earlier, it had awakened an enigmatic system linked to the mythical creature, Fenrir.

    However, with this mysterious system granting him the power of “The End”, Erik embarks on a journey into a world where dungeons and beings from mythology coexist.

    Join Erik on this thrilling adventure as he embarks on a journey to become an unparalleled presence.