If I Don't Die, I'll Truly Be Invincible

If I Don't Die, I'll Truly Be Invincible
再不死我就真无敌了, If I Don't Die Soon, I'll Really Become Invincible!

If I Don't Die, I'll Truly Be Invincible

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    After meeting his demise, Ye Ning finds himself in the body of a low-ranking official. However, he is far from unlucky. He has received an all-powerful system that will allow him to become the invincible Heavenly Official.

    The only catch is that he must first succumb to death without committing su*cide.

    Surely, that isn’t so hard, right?

    But he soon discovers that this world is toxic.

    Emperor of the Great Zhou Dynasty: “One glance at Ye Ning leads to a lifelong mistake. If he dies, I absolutely refuse to live.”

    Immortal of the Upper Realm: “People in this world are mostly indifferent, only Mr. Ye has never abandoned me, so I will do my utmost to protect him.”

    Countless people: “Anyone in the world can be dispensable, only Mr. Ye must be protected. He is a saint for all ages!”

    Ye Ning: “Please, can we not add any more drama? I’m almost invincible, why can’t I die yet?”

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