Invincibility Begins with a Super Fairy Manny IBWASFM

Invincibility Begins with a Super Fairy Manny IBWASFM

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    3000 years after his disappearance, Xue An had undergone cultivation and came back as an invincible fairy. But upon his return to Earth, he realised that he had a pair of twin daughters.

    “Papa, this dragon doesn’t taste good!”

    “Oh, this must be an ancestor-grade dragon that has lived for much too long. Its meat has become a little dry. Next time, we shall eat a young dragon within ten thousand years of age.”

    Some dragon that had existed since the beginning of the universe was lying on the floor, trembling and shivering.

    “Papa, between you and the other Immortal-emperor mannies, who is more powerful?”

    Xue An smiled. There was not a single soul that could withstand even just one blow from him. If there was! That would at most be two!

    “My dear daughters, I will make you girls the happiest princesses in this whole, wide world. No, in this whole universe! And it’s the two of you!”

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