Fully Leveled Bigshot Becomes A Farmgirl

Fully Leveled Bigshot Becomes A Farmgirl

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    Shu Yu transmigrated to become a mob character, exiled into oblivion after appearing twice after helping the female side character who kept trying to dig a deeper hole for herself.

    Realizing she couldn’t change the outcome, Shu Yu decided to just goof off.

    But even before the exile came, she was suddenly told that she was not a daughter of the Shu family.

    She was born to a farmer’s family, who were so poor they couldn’t afford to repair their leaking house. Having decided to eliminate the tarnishing of their good name, Shu Yu’s adopted family decided to murder her.

    Shu Yu: Come on, see who dies.

    Returning to her biological family, the sight of a plate of salted vegetables, a barely-full bowl of rice, and her real parents’ nervous looks, she finally sighed.

    No more goofing off, or she’s going to starve to death.

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