Chaos Warlord: Reincarnated in Eldrich with the Devil System!

Chaos Warlord: Reincarnated in Eldrich with the Devil System!

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    What comes after death?

    Val has a definite answer.

    It's reincarnation!

    After dying on modern-day Earth, he found himself waking up in a strange world!

    The world was so strange that after death, humans would turn into zombies.

    Negativity could give birth to devils.

    There were also dungeons that, if left unchecked, could spell disaster!

    This strange world was called Eldrich.

    In this strange world, Val gained a chance at life when he acquired the Devil system!

    [You have gained ownership of the Devil System!]

    [Please choose the type of devil you would like to become.]

    [Option 1: Shadow Devil.]

    [Option 2: Blood Devil.]

    That night, he grinned and the world witnessed the birth of a devil!


    A scene from the novel:-

    The Anthrolisk's antennae twitched violently, its bloodshot eyes narrowed, and it gritted its mandibles. Rage bubbled up within it like boiling tar, yet it kept its fury in check.

    “I admit,” it managed to grind out through clenched teeth, “you're stronger than me. On my own, I might not be enough to defeat you. But when my children come into the picture, everything changes.”

    Val's eyebrow raised, “What children?”

    The Anthrolisk responded by clapping its hands elegantly. Suddenly, the ceiling overhead split open, and gigantic cockroaches, each half the size of a human, crawled out. Their shiny exoskeletons gleamed ominously under the faint light of the chamber.

    “Shocked, aren't you?” The Anthrolisk gloated, a wicked grin stretching across its monstrous face. “Let's see how you fare against my children! Little ones, get him!”

    With the command given, the cockroaches crawled down the wall in an eerie synchronicity, their multitude of tiny legs clicking against the stone walls of the chamber as they closed in on Val.

    Val, however, merely smirked, causing an ominous chill to creep down the Anthrolisk's spine. It could feel that something wasn't right.

    “You're not the only one with henchmen,” Val retorted casually, his smirk broadening into a wicked grin that mirrored the Anthrolisk's earlier expression.

    A sense of foreboding filled Anthrolisk and it moved to stop Val from doing whatever he was planning to do.

    However, it was too late.

    “Descend to the living realm, my horde of the undead!” he commanded.

    Suddenly, reality seemed to bend and ripple around Val, as if it was a mere illusion.

    Out of these distortions, countless undead emerged, tearing through the very fabric of space itself to answer their master's call. Their hollow eyes burned with a spectral fire, their skeletal forms imposing and dreadful. It was a sight to behold, a haunting spectacle that sent chills down the spine of the Anthrolisk and its children.

    A little about Val:- Val is not good or evil. Ask long as it benefits him, he can be a saint or a devil, or both!


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