After Rebirth, the Miracle Doctor Wife Is No Longer Humble!

After Rebirth, the Miracle Doctor Wife Is No Longer Humble!

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    “Ye Ling, be good and just surrender to me!” A familiar, nauseating voice echoed in her ears, and Ye Ling realized that she had been reborn!

    In her previous life, Ye Ling had suffered on behalf of her stepsister in the countryside out of familial love. That’s when she caught the attention of the despicable beast before her.

    In her previous life, he had forced himself upon her and used public opinion to coerce her into marriage.

    Ye Ling’s married life was even more miserable. Not only did she have to work to support the extensive household, but she also endured domestic violence from this b*stard.

    She miscarried due to the abuse, where she suffered severe bleeding, which resulted in her inability to get pregnant again. Later, the village leader promised her a divorce if she could get into university. But to her surprise, this scoundrel had secretly sold her acceptance letter to someone else!

    In her second chance at life, Ye Ling decided to change her destiny. She wanted everyone who had hurt her to suffer!

    In an era where the law had yet to be widely enforced, Ye Ling’s first act was to report the incidents to the police. She was no longer as weak as she was in her previous life and relied on her talent and hard work to acquire medical skills.

    Her stepsister wanted to snatch away her good fortune? Wishful thinking!

    Her father wanted to sell her to an older man with violent tendencies? Dream on!

    She studied medicine, grew herbs, pursued higher education, and inadvertently became a renowned miracle doctor.

    The man who had once saved her from dire straits looked at her with pride and said, “As expected of my wife!”

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