You Boys Play Games Very Well

83: You make everyone call you Dad, I just want to hear you alone call me Daddy.
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83: You make everyone call you Dad, I just want to hear you alone call me Daddy.

Chapter 83

The Award Ceremony was successfully concluded and Yanshan also ushered in its first day of the semester. In the early morning, Shan Zhu gathered the sleeping Ling Meng from his bed and half-coaxed, half-carried him out the door.

“Sleepy……” Ling Meng muttered in complaint.

“You can sleep on the train, you don’t want to be late on the first day of classes.”

Ling Meng yawned, following Shan Zhu into the elevator along with a couple neighbors on their floor.

Ling Meng stared blankly at the elevator floor numbers reducing at a uniform speed. These neighbors seemed to know each other, chatting with each other for a long time.

“Is there someone in our building who spanks their children?”


“I thought I heard a child crying and yelling ‘Daddy’ last night.”

In the corner, Ling Meng turned red and hid behind Shan Zhu. Thankfully, no one else noticed him.

Shan Zhu used his body to block for him and wanted to laugh so he had to hold his fist in front of his mouth and pretend to cough.

Getting out of the elevator, after glancing all around and seeing no one, the angry Ling Meng crazily swung a little fist at Shan Zhu.

“It’s all your fault! You’re a degenerate Mang!”

Shan Zhu blocked with a smile, saying knowingly: “What’s wrong with me?”

“You’re the one who asked me to call you…..that!”

“I asked you to say it, but I didn’t ask you to scream it that loudly.”

“You’re still laughing! Still laughing!” The little punches evolved into punches and kicks.

“It’s not entirely my fault, I was also under your pitch-black influence.”

“I’m not pitch-black, I’m red-hot! …….ah, bah!”

(t/n: idiom – proximity to cinnabar (zhu) makes you red, to pitch (mo) makes you black)

“Besides, I’m a lot more exclusive than you,” Shan Zhu whispered in his ear, “You make everyone call you Dad and I just want to hear you alone call me Daddy.”

“You……” Ling Meng was tongue-tied, “Pervert! Degenerate Mang! Porn Anchor! I’m slamming the brakes!”


Shan Zhu took Ling Meng to school. Passing the administration building, Ling Meng saw a man in the distance standing in the middle of the path with his head bowed, brushing his phone. The team uniform he was wearing and his figure were incredibly familiar.

“Guava?” He took a closer look, surprised to find the man brushing the phone turned out to be Xiang Jiao.

“Why are you at our school?”

Xiang Jiao raised his head, taking a slow look at Shan Zhu first and looking Ling Meng over again: “Didn’t you hear yesterday? Pro players can apply to study in college.”

“So what about your playing? No more training?”

“Just come here occasionally, to get enough credits.”

“No, didn’t you….” Ling Meng recalled the first time they met, “You said you didn’t like studying.”

“Well, it depends on which school I attend.”

Once again, Xiang Jiao’s eyes ran over the two people, the corners of his mouth slowly bent upwards – Ling Meng could swear he had never seen that before on Xiang Jiao’s face – into an unprecedented subtle curve.

“Please look after me from now on, xuezhang.”

Appendix: Lemon Dad Advocates for Singing a Song

“Incarnation of the Lemon Father” – the author asked fans to record covers of this, is a really good one I found, listen while you read for the best enjoyment. The lyrics are just silliness Ling Meng apparently came up with, a lot of it is just nonsense without meaning ??

Adapted from “We Are All Forgotten/Incarnation of a Whale Island”

(Sequence ABABC)


The orange tree in front of the railway station that year

On the orange tree branch was a sleeping orange cat

The orange cat’s fat weight overwhelmed the branch

No one has swept the orange peels out from that place

Your phone is full of my expression pack

The expression pack is all my smiles

You’ll never forget my earnest teachings

A Father’s love is like a mountain

I am a lemon ice in the height of summer

Sheltering from the wind and rain in a courtyard

A planet circling the night sky’s brightest star

The daybreak after the darkness

Remember well the imposing view of Daddy’s back

It will guide you on


Daddy’s arrogance is imposing

The lion roars in the golden bell jar

The stamping of feet makes you shiver

The people who blow me are outstanding

The people who blacken me eat lotus root

If you love me, give me a baby

My dimples are full of wine

My smile is fierce and gentle

The Porn Anchor plies the Clear Stream

When chatting in the broadcast room

Don’t forget to use your hands

Cat Food, Cat Grass, Cat Climbing, Cat Canned Food

Not enough for another floor


You develop and I wave

You CARRY, I shout 6

Together, day after day, day after day, day after day, all over the Galaxy

Shining does not necessarily mean baldness

Because the filter is too thick

If you love me, just let me wave enough

Holding Dad’s hand

Abusing single dogs all over the country

The fame and profit of a broadcaster who fakes gay to sell rot

Unfortunately the live broadcast has lasted too long

There are still words left unsaid

There is still a secret that no one has ever guessed

Actually I am not the shou


1. Different environments provide different influence (近墨者黑): idiom, proximity to pitch makes you black

2. xuezhang (学长): older male schoolmate

Ling Meng, sweetie, it’s okay to be the shou, shh

that’s it! we can assume Ling Meng went on to teach Xiang Jiao all about emotions and how to find love (with a certain Yam, maybe?), while the two kids, Shan Jr and Xiang Jr, developed a crazy rivalry~ meanwhile Shan Zhu made Ling Meng call him Daddy every night

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