World-shaking First Daughter: Powerful Medical Princess

Chapter18 - Got a Treasure
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Chapter18 Got a Treasure

“Oh, she was still alive.” The Taoist priest reached Su Muge’s nose tip and sensed that she was alive.

Looking at Su Muge who was comatose, the Taoist priest hesitated and frowned. “It’s not my fault, but you are comatose.” He reached his hand to her waist and got her money, weighing them up.

“Lady, earlier death, better life.” Guima put the money away and was about to leave. Suddenly, he was caught by someone.

He looked back and saw Su Muge had been awake!

“Give it back to me!” Su Muge stared at Guima with her light eyes. Her fingertips whitened due to grasping him tightly.

Zhao and her previous body had been bullied by An for many years and Zhao was born in a peasant family, so she didn’t have much own dowry. Even if she had some, she gave Su Lun to let him take the examination in the capital. The twenty-liang silver in the purse was all Zhao’s private savings. Without this money, she would not starve to death. But now, without it, her life would be worse.

Guima’s whiskers shivered a bit. He took a look at her hands that grasped him tightly and pulled out an attractive smile with his amorous eyes, which seemed more charming than a woman. “Lady, I don’t love women.”

Su Muge closed her eyes and took a deep breath, suppressing her pain.

“Stop your nonsense!” Su Muge held up herself and pounced on him with her whole body.

Guima had no time to respond. He thought Su Muge was dying and had no strength to catch him. He stumbled and fell down with Su Muge.

Guima was pressed by Su Muge and had a grunt.

“You can’t wait to give yourself to me. OK, I’ll satisfy you.”

His almond-like eyes displayed an evil smile. He held back Su Muge’s hands and turned over to press her under his body.

Su Muge had used up all her strength just now, so she couldn’t do anything to resist him.

“Hum. I’ll see how aggressive you can be...” He caught sight of her white arms. In her arms, there were intertwining black veins like tree roots.

“Red did you get Red Blaze!” Guima turned over and sat up. He grabbed her hands, full of excitement in his eyes.

“I have sought it for three years. What a surprise that you have it! I get a treasure!” Guima’s eyes were shining with excitement. He took a black pill and put it into Muge’s mouth.

Su Muge intended to spit it out but he had pinched her throat. She had to swallow it.

“Relax. I won’t let you die so fast.”

It was only after a moment that Su Muge became unconscious.

Guima held up Su Muge and put her into the carriage. He drove the carriage to the opposite direction of Zhao village.

A thread of chill made Su Muge wake up with a start.

She opened her eyes and saw she was surrounded by ice-cold air like fog.

She was in a low-temperature pool. She was chilled to the bone and shivered ceaselessly.

It was dim all around. There was heavy dampness in the air. She recognized that she was in a cave.

She moved her hands and feet that were numb with cold and climbed up the bank.

Except for the hypocritical Taoist priest, no one could bring her here.

He was hateful, but undeniably, he temporarily saved her, because she had not been detoxified...

“Red Blaze...”

She felt the pulse for herself and found that her pulse was disordered as if there was a fire that could burn her internal organs at any time.

An was just a woman who always lived inside the courtyard. It was impossible for her to find that poison. It’s not her. So it must be the man in the shabby temple!

It was easy for that man to kill her so there was no need to poison her. It was possible that when she healed his wound with her special power, she sucked his poison. However, her special power couldn’t eliminate the poison, so she was poisoned.

She was so unlucky!

“You waked up so quickly.”

Hearing the voice, Su Muge turned her eyes.

Guima walked in leisurely in the Taoist robe with a basket in his hand. His whiskers had been nowhere. His face was glowing with fair skin in the dark cave. A pair of amorous eyes always displayed the light smile. There were two deep dimples beside his mouth when he smiled. He really looked like an innocent and pure teenager!

Su Muge looked at him indifferently and approached her. “What do you want?”

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