Transmigration: To Be His Man

Chapter 40 Im Living in a New Room(2)
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"Young master, how did you do that? The speed at which you cut your silk is even faster than the speed of a master in a big restaurant! " The shop assistant had a look of disbelief on his face as he scratched his head in puzzlement. "But I didn't see you using the chopping block either?"

Qin Mian placed both of his hands behind his back and mysteriously said: "Not only can I cut and peel this thing fast, I can also cut it fast. Boss Liao, what do you think? "

Liao Zhifu was pleased and immediately bidded, "Fifty gold!"

Qin Mian was very satisfied, he handed over the small tools in his hands to Liao Zhifu, and his words sounded good, "Just say that Boss Liao is a straightforward person, otherwise, we wouldn't have directly come to find you."

After he saw what the little tool was all about, a strange expression that was both satisfied and depressed appeared on Liao Zhifu's face again, just like the time when he bought the noodle shop.

Qin Mian drank a mouthful of tea with a smile on his face, "Boss Liao, if not for the blood that came out from my hands when I peeled the potatoes that day, I wouldn't have been able to think of such a convenient tool. I paid the price of blood to think of this, so you definitely won't lose anything if you spend fifty silver. " This was pure bullshit.

Liao Zhifu didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Qin Mian gave him the remaining diagrams. These few pieces weren't anything special, but they were more modern in nature and were custom-made in this shop for one's own use.

After making an appointment to deliver the goods ten days later, Liao Zhifu courteously sent the two of them out.

Half a month later, the new house was dry. Furniture arrived a few days ago. Since they could now live in the new house, Qin Mian and Lei Tia were not in a rush. They carried the furniture over to the new house one by one. Lei Xiangyi and Lei Xianglee accidentally saw it, so they went over to help them.

It wasn't until the sun set that everything was settled.

Qin Mian looked at his new home with admiration. He entered a yard about 60 square meters. Currently, there was nothing in the yard except a small house in the northwest corner. It was a bathroom. In ancient times, it was impossible to build a bathroom as modern as it was now. It was just a place to bathe, with a large bath barrel inside and a drainage hole in the corner.

The main house entered the living room and dining room. Beside the square pine dining table, there were two dining chairs made from the same material. There was also a sofa and a coffee table placed against the wall. Both of them were in the modern style. There was a window in the south wall, half the size of the average house's, so the hall was particularly bright. The thick reddish-brown curtains were still, adding a bit of warmth to the autumn day. The conditions were limited, otherwise, Qin Mian would have liked to spread the floor of the hall with a marble slab.

On the left side of the dining room and living room was the kitchen. The stove was made of marble, smooth and clean. It had a cupboard and many plates and chopsticks. The usual dishes were placed in the most convenient places, and there were places to store the rice flour oil. The kitchen and the bathroom in the yard shared the south wall, but because the bathroom was small, the south wall of the kitchen still had a window that provided plenty of light.

Of the two rooms on the north side, the smaller one was used to store sundries, such as farm tools, millet, and spare chairs. The bigger one was the bedroom. The junk room and bedroom faced each other, and the hallway led to the back door. There was an open space at the back, so it would be easy to get a backyard in the future.

Although Lei Tia and him had to share the same room and bed, at least there was a large enough wardrobe, and they could separate and open their clothes.

Lei Tia followed him to visit the new room, and his gaze stayed on the kang with the new bed for a long time. It was just two quilted quilts and a pillow that were a little inconvenient for the eyes.

After di

er, Qin Mian took a hot bath and jumped onto the new "bed" impatiently. Looking at the width of the brick bed, his lips curled up into a faint smile. The bed was so big, it should be able to cure the problem of burrowing into Lei Tia's embrace. He lay in his place, shaking off the covers, and lay down comfortably. With some money in hand, he bought a new mattress and a new quilt.

The pillow was also new. It was silky and soft and comfortable. He rubbed the back of his head and looked at the roof. The light on the table flickered gently, shaking his thoughts. He could not help but be lost in thought.

He finally had a home in this world, right?

Lei Tia entered while wrapped in hot air, silently staring at the youth's absent-minded face and the loneliness in his eyes, his heart throbbed with pain.

He closed the door with a bang, neither light nor heavy.

Qin Mian turned his head to look at him, and asked worriedly: "The doors are all locked?"

"It's locked." Lei Tia closed the curtain and took off his shoes. He stared at his own bed, raised his right hand, and lifted it up to the other side.

Qin Mian was startled, seeing him place the other pillow beside his pillow and then get into his blanket. His heart stopped beating for two seconds, then half stood up with his chin raised, looking at him, "What?"

Lei Tia said: "After you fall asleep, you will still squeeze in."

This calm and assured tone of his almost angered Qin Mian to the point that he fell backwards. Just as he was about to speak, that person stretched out his arm and encircled him.

Qin Mian stabbed him with his blade a few times but did not get a response, so he could only resign himself to his fate and lie down.

Lei Tia suddenly said: "Aren't you happy to have entered the new house?"

"Nope." Qin Mian's attention was diverted away from him, "Oh yes, do you feel like something is missing in the house?"

Lei Tia's gaze swept around the room.

He was someone who could not hit a person with three sticks' worth of blows. Qin Mian did not actually expect him to answer, but heard him say, "Empty."

"This is it!" Qin Mian gave him a praising look and pointed to the wall in front of him, "There is no lack of furniture, it is something lacking in the wall. Go to town and buy a calligraphy and hang it up. "

"In a few days. I'll go up the mountain tomorrow. " Lei Tia's face was itchy from his hair, he raised her chin and rubbed it.

Qin Mian suddenly felt that the atmosphere had changed, and he shrunk his neck, "Hunting? You said that you would teach me kung fu. "

"Teach me to go up the mountain again." Lei Tia raised his hand and the light went out. The room was dark.

Qin Mian secretly heaved a sigh of relief, but he was unable to explain it clearly. "There's one more thing, is there a saying about moving to a greenhouse or a hotpot?"

"That's why we went hunting." Lei Tia said.

Qin Mian quickly replied: "Wild food is more expensive than pork, this time I will treat you less wild food and more pork. You decide. "

"Yes." Lei Tia's chest was burning hot. Was it because there was another person in his chest?

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