Transmigration: To Be His Man

Chapter 38 Unhappy
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There were more than twenty people in the hall, and there were four tables placed outside. Although the autumn sun was high in the sky, it was not hot. Instead, the sun would warm up the body.

Lei Tia called for the customers to take a seat and then went to the kitchen to order the dishes. Aunt Wang carried a steamer filled with steamed buns out with ease. The fragrant steamed buns were still steaming. Qin Mian and Sister Zhang carried the dishes onto the table. Seeing Madam Du, Mrs Zhao and Madam Qian sitting stably by the table, his lips raised into a mocking smile.

Sister Zhang and Aunt Wang looked at each other and shook their heads at the same time. No wonder Lei Tia and Qin Mian wanted to separate them.

Everyone was looking at Madam Du and the other two, but the three of them did not notice anything, their eyes only staring at the dish in Qin Mian's hands.

There were four dishes on each table: stewed rabbit with potatoes, stewed mushrooms with pheasant, stir-fried chrysanthemum, and fried eggplant. Each dish was served in a small bowl.

"Please, no need to be polite." Lei Tia stood up and spoke a few sentences before sitting down.

Everyone laughed, "You won't be courteous." They were both sighing with emotion in their hearts, Lei Tia and Qin Mian were true people, the meat in the two meat dishes was too much, it was not like some stingy people who would only eat a small amount of meat as side dishes.

Qin Mian said: "The steamed buns are all here, everyone take them, I will not treat each of us, in case everyone feels uncomfortable."

Zhang Dashuan raised his voice: "You don't have to worry about Lei Tia Family, we won't be polite with you."

Madam Du picked up a large piece of boneless chicken and placed it inside a bowl. She also picked up a piece of rabbit meat, afraid that she would be slower than others," he glanced at Qin Mian and said matter-of-factly, "Old man, go call your father.

Everyone could not help but quieten down. They looked at each other. With such a large piece of construction site, who wouldn't realize that Lei Daqiang wasn't here this morning?

Wu Di sneered on the inside and looked at Qin Mian curiously. He was curious as to how he would reply.

Qin Mian remained unperturbed, "Mother, Father has always been extremely good to Brother Tia and me, and both Brother Tia and I remember it in our hearts. It's just that at this moment, he is not here yet, probably because he is not feeling well and is resting at home. Speaking of which, these last few days are pretty cold, a little carelessness can cause you to catch cold, I don't think I'll call my dad over to avoid the wind. But don't worry, I've already left some food for him and his little sister, so you can bring it back when you return later. Brother Tia and I will visit him again later. "

The Madam Du choked, staring at Qin Mian coldly.

Sister Zhang and Aunt Wang both had smiles on their faces. Qin Mian's words helped the Madam Du and the others vent their anger.

Lei Xiangyi and Lei Xianglee lowered their heads in shame. Of course they knew why Lei Daqiang hadn't come, and they were all blaming Lei Daqiang in their hearts. The two of them looked at each other helplessly.

The eyes of the from Qin Mian's team did not seem to have noticed, as they pulled Sister Zhang and the others to a brand-new small square table and sat down, looking rather apologetic, "Sister Zhang, Aunt Wang, if you do not mind, you two can sit here alone, it is quieter." The small square table was made from the excess wood that Lei Tia used to make the cart. It wasn't too much, but Lei Tia used it to make a small square table.

Sister Zhang and Aunt Wang naturally knew what he meant by "quiet", and they secretly heaved a sigh of relief. The two of them did not want to sit together with Madam Du and the others. They belonged to the same village, which one of them and the other three didn't know who it was? Furthermore, they did not want to be uncomfortable sitting with Madam Du due to the ruckus from before. They were glad that they didn't have the time to blame Qin Mian? It was just that he did not realize that Qin Mian was very meticulous. Even though it was a small table, there were four dishes on the table as well. The portions were sufficient for the two of them to eat, so they estimated that there would still be a lot left over.

"What are you talking about? This table is for both of us. We are looking forward to it." Aunt Wang was also a straightforward person, and laughed.

Sister Zhang also agreed, "That's right. With Lei Tia Family, you don't need to be busy, go eat too. "

After Qin Mian was done with the arrangements, he sat down beside Lei Tia. The empty bowl in front of him was filled to the brim with food. He smiled at Lei Tia and picked up his chopsticks to eat.

Although the atmosphere was a little awkward due to Madam Du, there were still people who could speak like Zhang Dashuan, Lei Xiangren, Lei Xiangyi and the others. Everyone was chatting and laughing merrily.

Stir-fried chrysanthemum and stir-fried aubergine, although a vegetarian dish, but fried with lard, taste exactly the same. After the meal, there were no leftovers on the four tables. Everyone ate their fill and did not waste any time. After a short rest, they went to the construction site.

Madam Du, Mrs Zhao and Madam Qian did not mention anything about staying back to help them clean up. They carried the food Qin Mian had prepared for Lei Daqiang and the others and left.

Sister Zhang and Aunt Wang cleaned up the kitchen after washing the dishes.

Sister Zhang said: "It's Lei Tia Family, if there's nothing else, we'll be going back. We'll come back tomorrow morning."

Qin Mian brought two bowls over and smiled: "Sister Zhang, Aunt Wang, it's been hard on you two. This is the remains of the meal on the small table. If you don't mind, take it back with you. Brother Tia and I both have a lot of food, so these won't be enough for us to eat at night. "

The members of the Zhuang family were not that particular. Even though they only had leftovers, they were still good dishes. Sister Zhang and Aunt Wang accepted it happily, thanked them, and left together. As they walked, they discussed the actions of Madam Du, Mrs Zhao, and Madam Qian, and felt even more unsatisfied with them from the bottom of their hearts.

Sister Zhang disdainfully said: "It's fine if she is usually at home. But with so many people present today, Madam Du and her two daughter-in-law are also like that. It's really too a


"Who said it wasn't? Their Lao Si had not even spoken of marriage. Madam Du isn't afraid that her reputation will spread and no one will be willing to be her wife? " The Aunt Wang agreed.

"Hehe," Sister Zhang covered her mouth and laughed, "In any case, if I had a daughter, I would never marry her into their family. Didn't you see Mrs Zhao's appearance at di

er today? If only you could grow two mouths. "

The two of them had already walked far away, and could not resist Qin Mian's hearing. They could hear everything clearly, and could not help but laugh, and wonder if they could think of a way to prevent the three of them from coming here in the future. They could not do anything, so why would they let them eat and drink for nothing? It would take at least half a month to build this house. Could it be that they pla

ed to come over for lunch every day? Letting others take advantage of him was not a big deal, but to let someone he did not like take advantage of him, Qin Mian was not happy no matter how he thought about it.

However, once he thought about how he would not let those three thick-ski

ed fellows come, and how he did not know what kind of trouble they would cause, he gave up on that idea. Forget it, just endure it for a while longer. Once the house was built and the yard was built, it would not be so easy to take advantage of them.

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