Transmigration: To Be His Man

Chapter 31 Who Admitted Defeat
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After the food was served, Lei Tia kept his mouth shut.

Qin Mian was so angry that he almost choked, but he still added two more dishes and a bowl of rice.

When he was done eating, he paid and left. Lei Tia followed along dumbly and took the stand from him. Qin Mian didn't refuse, but didn't say a word to him along the way.

Lei Tia wanted to say something, but stopped in his tracks, his gaze landing on the youth's still slim back. His wife was still thin, but there was more flesh on his face than usual. His dry hair was smooth and black, tied into a high ponytail that swung from side to side, as if he was afraid that he would not know his master's temperament.

Thinking about the youth's furious expression, the corner of Lei Tia's lips curled up slightly, and then disappeared in a blink of an eye. Such a silent youth was really not used to it. But if he was asked to coax his, he was helpless.

Qin Mian listened for any movements behind him while he walked, but he did not hear anything. He was not really angry, but it was true that he was depressed, and there was a faint feeling of unwillingness in the bottom of his heart. He wanted to see who would lower their heads first.

Thinking of this, he felt more relaxed, and his steps became lighter.

Regardless of whether he walked quickly or slowly, Lei Tia maintained a constant distance from him.

Some pedestrians on the street noticed that the two seemed to be competing with each other, and pointed at them in amusement.

Qin Mian acted as if he did not realize this, buying two snacks and two kilograms of sugar before leaving the town.

They didn't say anything along the way.

After returning home, Qin Mian distributed the snacks to Xiao Hu and Goudan'er and went out with his basket on his back.

"Where to?" Lei Tia asked.

Qin Mian looked at him with a smile, but did not say a word and headed towards the back of the mountain.

Lei Tia was startled. Taking his bow, he locked the door and quickly followed.

Xiao Hu and Goudan'er sensed the weird atmosphere, they looked at each other, and started to eat their snacks with relish.

Qin Mian walked quickly, but after entering the mountain, he could not muster up any strength, and looked around, unsure of what to do. He was going to pick more hawthorn and wild apple, but he didn't know where the hawthorn and apple trees were.

"Looking for what?" Lei Tia asked again, his voice was calm, without a trace of emotion.

Qin Mian opened his mouth, then immediately closed it again. He took out a hawthorn fruit and an apple from his basket and waved them towards Lei Tia.

Lei Tia finally understood that his wife was throwing a tantrum at him. It was somewhat fu

y, but he was never a person who easily revealed his emotions. On the surface, there was not the slightest hint of emotion. Only a layer of gentleness could be seen in his deep black eyes. He pulled Qin Mian's hand and looked around. Without hesitation, he walked in one direction.

Qin Mian was led around by him, leisurely looking left and right, but still did not say a word.

Pick a lot of hawthorn and wild apples, straight back basket full. Naturally, it was still Lei Tia who was carrying it.

When they reached home, Qin Mian sent Xiao Hu and Goudan away, scooped water and went into the basin to wash the hawthorn and apples. Lei Tia looked inside the water vat, and then carried the empty vat out.

Seeing him walk further away, Qin Mian let out a breath, "I almost suffocated to death! How did that guy manage to not say three words a day? "

It was a really hard job to keep a lot of people who didn't say anything for so long.

Lei Tia looked back from afar.

Qin Mian did not notice that he was quickly cleaning the fruits. Today's candied fruits sold for over a hundred gold, which was equivalent to the modern era's one hundred gold coins. It didn't sound like much, but in this era, it was not a small sum, enough to buy a lot of things. But selling candied fruits was not a long term thing, and to make a fortune he had to think of other things.

Just as he was deep in thought, he heard the sound of water being poured.

After Lei Tia filled the water tank, he moved the wooden board inside and found the tools needed to make the wood. He then moved a wooden block and sat in front of the door of the hall with his head lowered, knocking on the door as if he was focusing on nothing.

Qin Mian secretly glared at him.

Wash the fruit in a sieve and put it in the sun to dry. Then, he took out the bamboo from yesterday and continued to make bamboo sticks.

Seeing that, Lei Tia did not say a word and took his job.

What Qin Mian had wished for was for it to happen. If the bamboo sticks were not smooth enough, it would be easy to cut his hand. He did not stay idle either. He first dried the grains, then took the cow to the pond to drink. After tying it back up, he dragged a bundle of straw with him.

After the fruit was drained, he made more than sixty skewers of candied fruits.

When di

er was ready, he did not call Lei Tia over, but sat down and started to eat. The minced eggplant was very fragrant.

Just as Lei Tia was thinking about how to fix the wooden board more firmly, he heard the sound of the chopsticks hitting the plate and realized that his wife had already started to eat. He paused for a while, then silently washed his hands and went over to eat.

Qin Mian snickered, and almost choked on his food.

Lei Tia was extremely calm, leisurely eating with food in hand, as he looked at Qin Mian with an unknown look.

Qin Mian acted as if it didn't matter.

Even when he went to bed at night, he still did not say a word to Lei Tia. As for the matter of him squeezing into Lei Tia's arms after sleeping, he casually neglected that.

The next morning, still as before, Lei Tia plowed the field until around ten o'clock in the morning before the two of them set out for town.

Just as Qin Mian was about to start shouting, Lei Tia suddenly stood in front of the stand. Without even looking at him, he said stiffly to the people passing by, "Tasty candied fruits, two coins a stick."

A woman who was about to come over with a granddaughter was frightened by his expressionless face. She took two steps back and looked at him hesitantly.

Qin Mian was startled, he could not hold back his laughter, and quickly lowered his head, "Pu pu …"

Lei Tia turned his head to look at him, his indifferent gaze was filled with emotion that seemed to say that it was not yet clear.

Qin Mian could not say what it was, but he felt great, and did not plan to make things difficult for him anymore, but he still could not help but laugh a few times, "Hehehehe. "Alright, let me do it."

This "confrontation" could also be considered as him probing Lei Tia. He was very satisfied with the result of the test.

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