Transmigration: To Be His Man

Chapter 26 Ive Made a Lot of Money!
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Because he was in a good mood, this time Qin Mian didn't think too much about it. Halfway there, they came across a donkey cart heading for the town and caught a ride.

Reaching town, Qin Mian brought Lei Tia to the teahouse and asked for two bowls of cold tea.

Seeing that he seemed to have an idea, Lei Tia didn't say a word and only followed beside him, very curious about what his wife would do.

"Man, the bill." Qin Mian took a sip.

The shop assistant walked over, wiping his hands, "Thank you for your patronage, a total of two coins."

Qin Mian gave him the money for the tea, and then took out three more coins, and handed it over, "lackey, ask around."

Only then did Lei Tia understand why they had to come to the teahouse even though they had brought his wife Shui. His pitch black, deep eyes slightly trembled, then became calm.

The shop assistant took the money and was happy. "Please ask." "It's not my fault, there's really nothing in this town I don't know."

Qin Mian laughed and said, "We want to customize some of the furniture, do you know which family in this town has the best wood works?"

"Hey, you asked the right person. In terms of which shop's wooden work is the best, it's definitely the Yao Family's wooden shop. The rich people who have some money in the town basically make furniture in their house. "

Qin Mian revealed a troubled expression, "The Yao Family, a few days ago, had a bad time with one of their shop assistants. Other than the Yao family? "

The shop assistant answered without even thinking, "Rich wood weapon shop. Their family wasn't any worse than the Yao family. It was just that their reputation was slightly worse due to the fact that it had sprung up later than the Yao family. The competition between the two families is really intense! "

Qin Mian was waiting for these words, nodding in satisfaction, "Thank you."

He asked for the address of the Rich Wood Store and he and Lei Tia went over.

The entrance to the rich wood shop was a large one, and there were fine armoires, large carved beds, round tables, mahogany chairs, and other items that were easy to find.

Upon entering the shop, a young shop assistant straightened his head and welcomed him with a smile.

"What would you two like to buy?"

Qin Mian said: "Is your boss here? I have something to sell to your boss. "

Hearing that, the shop assistant looked him up and down again, the enthusiasm on his face immediately disappeared, the right corner of his mouth curled up in disdain, and he waved his hand, "Go, go, your poor appearance, you even sold things to the wood weapon shop." "Hurry up and go!"

Lei Tia frowned.

However, Qin Mian did not feel offended at all. He shook his head and said with a faint smile, "I finally understand why your wealthy wood weapon shop's reputation is not as good as the Yao Family's."

"What did you say?" The servant glared at him, his expression especially unfriendly, "Kid, are you tired of living? "Go, go, go!"

"Wait!" The blue curtain behind the counter was lifted by a hand, and a middle-aged man who looked a bit fat walked out.

"Manager Liao." The shop assistant's expression became respectful.

Liao Zhifu did not pay attention to him. He raised his eyelids and sized Qin Mian up, with a proud and arrogant look, he said with a smile that did not reach his eyes, "I would like to ask this little brother over there, what do you think we should do." The boss had given the wooden shop to him to take care of. He had thought that he had done his best, but today, he was being criticized by a child with a yellow mouth. How could he not be angry?

"Isn't it?" Qin Mian was not afraid, and pointed to the direction of the shop assistant, "Just because I am not a customer of your shop today does not mean that I am not a customer of your shop tomorrow either. With this kind of shop assistant, it was no wonder that the first thing anyone thought of when mentioning the wooden shop was the Yao family. Forget it, why should I talk to you? Just treat it as me speaking my mind. "Goodbye."

Liao Zhifu was a little concerned with this little brother's extraordinary words and attitude. His heart stirred, "Wait!"

Qin Mian stopped and smiled, then turned around, "I wonder if Manager Liao has anything else to say?"

"You just said you wanted to sell something?" Liao Zhifu's gaze drifted towards Lei Tia's basket. Since there was nothing to do, he would just pass the time.

Qin Mian nodded, "That's right. It's a drawing of a manual face machine. "

"Manual noodle machine?" Liao Zhifu was at a loss.

Qin Mian explained: "It's a type of tool used to make noodles."

He smiled without saying a word, signalling Lei Tia to take out the noodle bar, dough, and a wooden basin, and demonstrate them once.

Seeing the thin and long noodles appear from the bottom of the noodle shop, Liao Zhifu opened his eyes in shock. He was extremely excited but he maintained his composure and said, "It could barely be considered a good thing. "What's the price of the blueprints?"

The shop assistant's eyes were wide open as he stared at the noodle bar with a face filled with curiosity.

Qin Mian said: "Only selling one. Fifty silver. "The same price."

"Heh." Liao Zhifu let out a laugh that he didn't understand, shook his head, and said with contempt, "I think this little brother doesn't really understand the concept behind fifty silver coins. One silver tael was enough for an ordinary year's worth of chewing. Fifty silver is too high. "

"Manager Liao's words are wrong." Qin Mian said calmly, "Manager Liao, may I ask, how many noodle shops are there in the town? They need a lot of noodles every day, don't they? How many rich people were there in the town? They don't mind spending a little money on a noodle machine, do they? With the blueprints, you can batch manual face machines. Even if you sell them for two taels of silver each, you can still earn at least two hundred taels in the town. What about the whole county? What about the whole state? Fifty silver is definitely not high. "

Liao Zhifu was a little moved, but he still wanted to continue pressuring the others, "What little brother says makes sense. However, this object does not seem to be complicated and will probably be easy to imitate. "

"Manager Liao's words are a waste of time." Qin Mian still had something to say, "The furniture of the tables, chairs, cabinets, cabinets, these things are easier to copy, but why would some wooden equipment stores become famous, while others become unknown? What's more, if your shop obtains the blueprints, you can take over the market first. Even if someone tried to copy it, they would have missed the opportunity. "

Liao Zhifu stroked his beard, and remained silent.

Qin Mian deliberately waited for a while, but Liao Zhifu still did not say anything. He then stood up, not looking anxious at all. He smiled and said, "It's getting late, we still need to go to the Yao family's wooden shop."

"Wait!" Liao Zhifu panicked, "I'm buying!" The Yao Family's wooden shop was already more famous than them. If they could obtain a manual noodle machine's blueprints, wouldn't that be a whole new level higher?

Qin Mian secretly revealed a proud smile towards Lei Tia.

Lei Tia patted his head.

Liao Zhifu added: "But we have to write the documents. You all must ensure that we do not sell the drawing of the noodle and the drawing of the noodle machine to the second person, otherwise you will have to compensate us with a thousand silvers."

"Of course." Qin Mian nodded his head, "But, the two of us are not the only smart ones in this world. Since we can make a noodle machine, it doesn't mean that others ca

ot do it. If there really is a second face machine, Manager Liao can't wrongly accuse us. Manager Liao can make a large batch and sell it at the same time. "

Liao Zhifu frowned, he knew that it was the truth, thought for a bit, then nodded: "Okay."

He wrote down two documents on the spot, and Lei Tia pressed his hand on them.

Qin Mian accepted the five 10 taels of Da Yuan Treasures, took out the blueprints and explained it to Liao Zhifu in detail.

Liao Zhifu slapped his thigh, with a sullen face he said, "It's that simple? "It's a loss, it's a loss!"

Qin Mian laughed and shook his head, "Manager Liao, this —"

"Don't say anymore, little brother." Liao Zhifu was indeed a little angry.

Qin Mian was not angry, "If it's really as simple as you say, then why has no one done it before?"

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