Transmigration: To Be His Man

Chapter 222 Forever with This Life Complete Completion
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Qin Mian asked his youngest son, his youngest son did not plan to participate in any movie promotional events. He took his family on a tour of the country's classic attractions, then went abroad to visit the White House in the United States, to see Big Ben in England, and to see the Tower in France.

After a round of fun, he returned home just in time for the movie premiere. Qin Ruiqi and Lei Ruilin were the sons of the investors, and Lei Ruilin was even one of the stars, so he obtained a better position. In front of the media, Lei Ruilin did not show any sign of cowardice, in his calmness, there was no lack of liveliness, and he was extremely liked. As Qin Ruiqi and he were twins, the reporters were happy to take a few more photos.

As the investor, Qin Mian kept it a secret and did not show his face in front of the reporters.

After the interview, it was time for the movie to be released. The family of four enjoyed a visual feast. On the news the next day, "Heart Ring" appeared on the entertainment headlines as expected.

Photos and images of the two brothers appeared in the newspapers and on television. Soon, they became fans.

Qin Yongcheng accidentally switched to the entertainment cha

el, and when he saw the appearances of Qin Ruiqi and Lei Ruilin, the remote control in his hands almost dropped to the ground. These two children were too similar to Qin Mian when he was young.

Qin Lian came down from the stairs and yawned dispiritedly, "Dad, good morning."

Qin Yongcheng looked at his dark circles under his eyes and his gloomy face, and frowned. "What happened to you?"

Qin Lian said in a sullen voice: "I don't know how this happened either. I've been sleeping unstably lately, and am always half-awake. I keep feeling like there's a shadow moving about in the room, as if I'm being stared at by something unclean ??" As he spoke, he shivered as if a cold wind had blown past the back of his neck.

"Nonsense!" Qin Yongcheng bellowed, seeing his son's head droop, his stomach filled with powerlessness, he suppressed his anger and asked carelessly, "Has Yun Yun made a move?"

Qin Lian was stu

ed for a moment before reacting, "We've only been married for three months, how can we be so fast? Dad, you seem to be in a hurry? " Young people nowadays all liked to move out to live alone after marriage, but Qin Yongcheng was currently the only son of Qin Yongcheng, so he and Gan Yun still lived together with their parents after their marriage.

Qin Yongcheng shot a glance at him, picked up the remote control to change the cha

el, with an indifferent expression: "Your mother and I are not young, so we just want to grandson as soon as possible, is that strange?"

"True." Qin Lian did not think further.

Qin Yongcheng thought about it for a long time, but still felt worried. Three months wasn't a short time. His father had a problem with his sperm's vitality, could Qin Lian also do the same?

Thinking about it, he couldn't sit still anymore, so he suggested, "Qin Lian, if you're free, you should go and do a comprehensive medical examination."

Qin Lian was a little speechless, and also felt a little aggrieved, as if his father was only using him as a tool to pass down generations. However, Qin Yongcheng had already built up his prestige and power for a long time, so he didn't dare to disobey.

Qin Mian, on the other hand, lived a very relaxed life. After and his photos were exposed, the director quickly took a fancy to Qin Ruiqi's cold and calm temperament. He called a few people who wanted to invite him to do some advertisements, TV dramas and movies.

Qin Mian wanted his eldest son to experience the feeling of being in a movie, so he picked up a movie for Qin Ruiqi. The main character was the emperor. He ascended the throne at the age of seven and became a puppet emperor. Qin Ruiqi played the role of the emperor when he was young. He only played part in the first five episodes, but there were many scenes that played out in front of him.

Qin Mian, Lei Tia and Lei Ruilin will accompany him. It was already December in Lunar New Year.

The last scene was filmed outside. Almost everyone in the crew was blowing in the cold, their faces and hands red from the cold.

Qin Ruiqi's cultivation was not low either, able to adjust his body temperature automatically. Others might not know about it, but seeing the child with them being frozen, felt painful and regretful at the same time.

When they came out of the base after the last scene, it was snowing. Snowflakes swirled like catkins, and the temperature dropped a few degrees.

"I'll drive." Lei Tia said.

"Alright, be careful and slow down." Qin Mian put on his hats and tied up his scarves for the two children, and a horn sound came from not too far away. It was obvious that they were here for them, causing him to feel somewhat baffled.

The door of the low key black car opened, and Qin Lian alighted from the car. He stared at Qin Mian for a long time, and then opened the door of the car.

The one who got off the carriage was Qin Yongcheng. After sweeping a glance at Qin Mian, his gaze fell upon Qin Ruiqi and Qin Ruiqi, and it was filled with affection and gratification.

Qin Mian stood there and did not move as he watched the two people walk closer.

"Since you're back, why don't you go home?" Qin Yongcheng asked.

After Qin Yongcheng caught Qin Mian and brought him back to the Qin Family, he treated Qin Mian very well. Moreover, Qin Yongcheng did not participate in the most important phase of Qin Mian's life ?? the very first fifteen years, was due to the fact that Qin Mian did not have very deep feelings for him.

He only lightly called out, "Father."

Qin Yongcheng did not care about his indifference, as his fervent gaze landed on the two children. "These two little fellows are my grandchildren, right?"

Qin Lian's expression was gloomy, his breathing was low.

The result of Qin Lian's examination at the hospital was that his sperm's vitality was low, and that the doctor told him that it would affect his pregnancy. As a result, Qin Yongcheng determined that Qin Lian and Gan Yun could not bear to have sons. He was a little anxious, and sent people to look for Qin Mian again. Qin Lian could not hold it in and revealed his identity. Soon, Qin Yongcheng found out where he was.

Qin Mian said: "They are all my sons, the eldest son is called Qin Ruiqi, and the youngest son is called Lei Ruilin."

Qin Yongcheng's face changed. He had investigated Qin Mian before, so he obviously knew that Qin Mian was with a man.

Just then, Lei Tia drove over and saw two strangers standing together with their daughter-in-law. There was no surprise on his face, his gaze sweeping across Qin Lian's body and even showing a hint of ridicule.

He was thinking that maybe he was still being too polite to Qin Lian, scaring him for a few days, but he was still holding on.

"Wifey." Lei Tia strode to Qin Mian's side and stood still, naturally placing his arms around his shoulders.

Qin Yongcheng's face sank as he said coldly: "What did you call him?"

Lei Tia said in a calm voice, "I know your goal. Your youngest son has an ailment, and may have no descendants. "So, you've set your sights on my wife and my son."

Qin Yongcheng was shocked. This man had also investigated him? He didn't even know about it.

Qin Mian squeezed Lei Tia's hand hard. Surprisingly, Lei Tia didn't even tell him what he knew.

Lei Tia pinched him, meaning to explain later.

"So that's how it is." Qin Mian said, "Father, Tia is my lover and Ruiqi and Ruilin are the sons of the two of us. As for why I'm not coming home, you can ask your youngest son. "

Qin Yongcheng looked at Qin Lian in puzzlement. Seeing his eyes flicker with a clear sense of guilt, his expression turned cold, but he did not flare up on the spot. He turned to Qin Mian and said: "No matter what, let's go home first.

Qin Mian shook his head, "I think we should talk about meeting after you have made your decision. Ruiqi, Ruilin, get in the car. Tia, let's go home. The snowfall is getting heavier, and if we delay any longer, it will be hard to travel. "

Lei Tia nodded and opened the car door for his wife and son.

The next day, he would call Qin Mian early in the morning and tell him that he already knew about the matter of Qin Lian pushing him down the stairs back then.

"This matter is indeed Qin Lian's fault. I will have him apologize to you and compensate you. I want to talk to you about that man now. "With a man ??"

Qin Mian interrupted him, "We have already been together for many years, and our son is already eight years old. "You think you can separate us?"

Qin Yongcheng's voice became heavy: "Oh? That means you don't care about the inheritance of the Qin family? "

Qin Mian felt it was extremely fu

y, and he laughed out loud, but he did not intend to explain his origins to Qin Yongcheng, "Father, have you really investigated my background clearly yet? I'm not interested in the Qin family at all. "

"Qin Mian!"

Other than Qin Mian, Qin Ruiqi and Lei Ruilin, there were no other successors in Qin Family. This was a fact that Qin Mian was very clear of, and that was why he was even more furious, thinking that Qin Mian was threatening him with the purpose of raising even more conditions.

"I'm serious." Qin Mian didn't like Qin Yongcheng, but he didn't plan to make him angry. "If you think it's necessary, I can write a document giving up the right of inheritance."

Qin Yongcheng was silent for a long time, before asking: "You hate me?"

"Not really." Sensing the abnormality in the space, Qin Mian hurriedly said, "I can treat Qin Lian's illness, but not now. I still have things to do, so I'm hanging up. "

Lei Tia appeared out of thin air, his expression serious, "Wifey, I'm going to transform."

"What?" "So fast?" Qin Mian was shocked, "It's cultivation speed is even faster than us?"

Lei Tia explained, "It just found out that it has a portion of the Heavenly Mastiff's bloodline, and recently, it spent most of its time in space, which was why it was able to advance so quickly."

"Let's hurry up and take a look." Qin Mian was worried about Bai Bai's situation.

Lei Tia pulled him back, "When a demonic cultivator transforms into a human form, there will be heavenly tribulation. It ca

ot continue to stay in space."

Qin Mian reacted quickly, "You're worried that the same situation as last time will happen?"

Lei Tia nodded seriously, "That's right. We are not sure how the descendants of God Beasts will transform, but we should still make sure that we are prepared. According to what I feel, we still have two days at most. "

Qin Mian didn't know whether to laugh or cry. This little bit of white really made one feel helpless.

He took the time to give Qin Lian a prescription. This was not for Qin Lian, but for Qin Yongcheng. He hadn't felt Qin Lian's pulse before, but there were a few reasons why the sperm's vitality was so low. He could prescribe a warm and nourishing medicine, but at most, it would only work a little slower, and would not have any side effects. He specifically asked the delivery company to quickly deliver the goods to Qin Lian after a year. This year will be treated as a punishment for Qin Lian.

After returning home, Qin Mian and Lei Tia stored all the important things into their spatial storage and flew to the desolate area on the outskirts of the city with their two sons.

To prevent the family from being separated again, only Qin Mian, Lei Tia and Little White remained outside. Qin Ruiqi, Lei Ruilin, Golden Fur and the Golden Eagle stayed in the space.

Qin Mian made the last call to Qin Yongcheng, "Father, I have already entrusted the delivery company to give Qin Lian the prescription I wrote a year ago. You don't have to worry about no future. In addition, I have prepared a health medicine for you. It should be delivered into your hands before nightfall. At this time, I'm not afraid to tell you the truth. Our family of four are all cultivators, and sooner or later, we will have to leave this world. "Take care. Goodbye."

Qin Yongcheng who was in his office now had a face full of shock. When he came back to his senses, the other party had already turned off his phone.

Xiao Bai laid on the ground quietly, waiting for the critical moment to break the barrier.

Qin Mian and Lei Tia sat side by side on a rock.

At this time, Qin Mian finally had time to ask a bit more what exactly was going on.

Little White explained, "You saved me in my previous life, so we were fated to meet. There is cause, and there is fruit. The reborn you and the reincarnated me met again, ending that "cause." When I advanced, I had inherited memories, but the content was so confusing that they filled my mind like a game of chess. That's why I didn't mention it to you. It was only yesterday that I was able to sort out my memories. One of my ancestors was the Divine Beast, Heavenly Mastiff. This is also the reason why I was able to unintentionally comprehend the cultivation method. "

"So that's how it is." Qin Mian asked curiously, "Where did you give me that storage ring?"

Little Bai said, "I picked it up by accident. At that time, I only had a feeling that it was a good thing."

Qin Mian was speechless. What luck.

It was rare for Lei Tia to ask a question, "How did you die in your previous life?"

Little White said gloomily, "..." "I was too careless. I was discovered that my intelligence was too close to that of a demon, so I was beaten to death."

Qin Mian and Lei Tia: "..."

"Boom!" A muffled thunder rumbled in the sky.

Qin Mian and Lei Tia suddenly stood up.

Xiao Bai threw his head back and roared," Awoo ~ ~ ~

Qin Mian and Lei Tia looked at each other and retreated a hundred meters away. The divine tribulation was only for tribulation users. As long as the two of them were able to withstand the pressure of the thunder tribulation, they would be able to stand a bit closer.

"Crack ~ ~ ~" With an explosive sound, a giant invisible hand suddenly tore a huge crack in the sky. A lightning as thick as an adult's arm shot out from the crack like a giant snake hunting for its prey.

"Awoo ~ ~ ~" Little White looked up into the sky without fear. When the lightning descended, it suddenly jumped up and rushed towards the sky.

"Boom ??"

A strong gust of wind swept past Qin Mian and the two of them, causing them to be unable to see anything. After that, their bodies became light and were swept up by the wind.

Lei Tia hugged Qin Mian's waist tightly, while Qin Mian's four limbs were tightly wrapped around him.

The gale wind whistled by his ears, but Qin Mian could not hear it clearly, nor could he open his eyes. He could only shout out with difficulty: "A little white!"

"I'm here ??"

The space suddenly distorted as Qin Mian and Lei Tia rolled a few rounds in the air passively. The wind suddenly stopped and the two of them suddenly became light, falling straight down.

Lei Tia cha

eled his True Essence and held his wife, floating in the air, before steadily falling.

Qin Mian focused and turned around. He saw a young man who was around ten years old following closely behind him and Lei Tia. The three of them landed on the ground before they could even size up the situation.

The youth had his hair unbound and was in his prime. His expression was aloof and arrogant, and he wore a black robe around his body. He did not wear any shoes on his feet. Perhaps it was because he was not used to wearing clothes, but he frowned and pulled at his robe, making it even more messy.

Qin Mian opened his mouth, "A little white?"

"Mm, master, it's me. I've successfully transformed into a human form!" A little white smiled at Qin Mian, with happiness in his eyes.

Qin Mian chuckled and went forward to help him arrange his robes.


Lei Tia looked around and saw the pit on the ground, "Wifey, this is the place we left at that time."

Qin Mian clicked his tongue, "I've stayed over there for about half a year, but I still don't know how much time has passed."

"Let me explore the village."

Lei Tia flew off and returned very quickly.

"It shouldn't have been long since I saw Miao Miao," Nie Tian said. "He's still that big."

Qin Mian was relieved, "That's good. We need to get the kids out of here and back to the village. "

After the time it took to make a cup of tea, five people, a bear and a condor appeared at the village entrance.

Little White carried Qin Ruiqi with his left hand and Lei Ruilin with his right, as easy as hugging two kittens. Qin Ruiqi and Lei Ruilin wrapped their arms around his shoulders and looked at him curiously. Even though they already knew that he was just a little bit pale, the two of them still felt that it was incredible.

A little white seemed to be arrogant, but he was very indulgent towards his two children. He smiled at the two of them in a good-natured ma


Lei Xianglee carried his vegetable basket and walked out of the village. Seeing Qin Mian and the others, he was first shocked, but after a moment of joy, he quickly ran over.

"Big brother, sister-in-law!" Where have you been for so long? Why didn't you say anything? We're looking for you everywhere. "

Qin Mian said embarrassedly: There was an accident, the higher ups are looking for us right now, so ??

Lei Xianglee subconsciously thought that the word "above" referred to the emperor and nodded in understanding, "It's good that you guys are fine."

He curiously sized up the youth in black robes. "He is?"

Qin Mian and Lei Tia had already discussed the situation on the way here.

"This is the son that Tia and I have adopted, his name is Qin Ruo Xuan. He is two years older than Ruiqi and Ruilin."

Since he was adopted, there must be some sort of story. Lei Xianglee did not ask further, and laughed: "So that's how it is, congratulations to you all. "Why didn't I see any whiteness at all?"

"It's no use entering the mountain now." Qin Mian said this to make it easier for Qin Ruo Xuan. In the future, he could even use human or beast forms.

"Oh. Oh right, this year's Fifth Brother and Fifth Brother sisters have come back to celebrate the new year as well. Fifth Brother hasn't come back to celebrate New Year for several years. Big brother, sister-in-law, look, why don't we celebrate it together tonight? Your family just happened to be back on New Year's Eve, and you two are on your way. "

Qin Mian was a little surprised, he didn't expect that today was New Year's Eve. Without Madam Du and Lei Daqiang tormenting themselves, he and Lei Tia did not mind being closer to their brothers. They all nodded.

Lei Xianglee said happily: "That's great. Seeing that you guys are wearing so little, hurry up and go home. I will also go back and tell Third Brother and Fifth Brother about this matter. "

In the evening, Qin Mian's family, Lei Xiangyi's family, and Lei Xiangzhi's family were having a reunion di

er at Qin Mian Family. The adults sat at a table, while the children sat at a table. Beside them, there was a bear and an eagle. It was very lively. After the dishes were served, everyone raised their glasses with smiles on their faces.

"In the new year, we will all get better and better. "Cheers!"

Qin Mian and Lei Tia looked at each other and laughed, while the fingers of both of their hands interlocked under the table. As long as their loved ones remained by their side, their days were filled with immortal days.

?? ?? Finished. ?? ??

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