Transmigration: To Be His Man

Chapter 219 Crown Prince Liu
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Unfortunately, Lei Ruilin wanted to go out. Qin Mian let Lei Tia drive the car, and took a taxi to Qingming Plaza. At six o'clock the street lamps were lit. After meeting up with Lin Feng, they chatted for a bit before getting into Lin Feng's car. The low-key black car glided through the sea of lights and stopped in front of a large hotel.

The main character of this time's gathering was Liu Fangchu's cousin Liu Yaoming. There were not many people invited, about twenty people, and they booked a medium-sized banquet in the hotel.

When Qin Mian and Lin Feng arrived, there were already more than ten people in the hall. They were picking up food from the buffet, carrying a plate or two, and chatting with each other.

Qin Mian's eyes flashed a look of understanding, it was only about half an hour from seven o'clock and so many people had come, it seemed like this young master Liu's identity was not ordinary.

Many people greeted Lin Feng. Listening to their conversation, Qin Mian finally understood that Lin Feng was the eldest son of the country's famous entrepreneur, Lin Weijie. Lin Weijie is impressive, IT industry of one of the representative figures, five years in a row in the country's top three. It was no wonder that when Lin Feng asked for a million to buy the supporting medicinal herbs, he did not even take a deep breath. One million was a drop in the bucket for their Lin Clan.

Lin Feng did not neglect Qin Mian as he introduced him to the others. The crowd had never heard of Qin Mian's name, so their reactions were average. They merely nodded at Qin Mian, treating him as a form of greeting, faintly letting out a wave of aura that excluded Qin Mian.

Qin Mian had even seen emperors before, so he was not affected by their presence. Smiling indifferently, he nodded his head, took a cup of wine from the waiter's tray, walked to the sofa at the side and sat down.

Lin Feng was the one who understood Qin Mian's abilities the best. Ever since he had taken the medicine prescribed by Qin Mian, his body had become better and better every day. In the past, he didn't even dare speak loudly. Just a few days ago, he had gone to the hospital again, and even the doctor had found it inconceivable. Hence, he did not dare to neglect Qin Mian in the slightest. Who would dare say that their family members wouldn't need to ask Qin Mian for help if they were to be seriously ill in the future?

But in the end, it was still the offspring of a great clan. Even if he had the heart to befriend Qin Mian, he would not flatter them and instead, he would choose a few suitable topics to chat with Qin Mian.

Qin Mian saw through his intentions and admired him a little.

The other people who saw Lin Feng's attitude felt that it was strange and curious, hence they were curious about Qin Mian's identity.

Lu Yunzhao, Zhang Zixuan and Sun Ting walked in together. Zhang Zixuan and Sun Ting were subtly led by Lu Yunzhao.

"Young Master Lu, you're here."

The singers smiled and went up to him.

Lin Feng did not walk over, but stood up after Lu Yunzhao walked over, and greeted him with a smile.

After chatting for a bit, Lu Yunzhao noticed that there was someone who did not move on the sofa. He was a little unhappy. Why are you here? "

Lin Feng took a step forward, and faintly smiled at both the politeness and defense of Qin Mian, "Mr. Qin is my friend, I brought him here. Young Master Lu, you two know each other? "

Lu Yunzhao did not answer, but stared at Qin Mian coldly.

Qin Mian looked at him indifferently, "You were the one who did the things regarding the film crew."

Lu Yunzhao's face became even uglier. He had some co

ections with the investors of "Heart Ring". After finding out that Lei Ruilin was actually a member of the crew, he immediately made a call to the investors and sent people to watch the crew, waiting to see a show. He originally thought that Chen Yue would change out of the movie after he used the threat of withdrawing his investment. Not only did his threat fail, it also caused the original investors to pay a lot of penalty money. The original investors obviously wouldn't let him return the money, but he still owed them a favor.

Qin Mian's indifferent expression angered Lu Yunzhao even more, and he said to Zhang Zixuan and Sun Ting: "Throw him out!"

Lin Feng's face changed as he squinted his eyes.

"Young Master Lu, today is Young Master Liu's birthday. He should be arriving soon ??"

Before Zhang Zixuan could finish speaking, Lu Yunzhao angrily shouted, "I said kick him out! As for Young Master Liu, I have my own instructions. "

Lin Feng took a step forward and said solemnly: "Young Master Lu, Mr. Qin is my friend."

"So what?" Lu Yunzhao was so angry that he could not choose his words.

Lin Feng asked flatly, "In other words, Young Master Lu can take responsibility here for Young Master Liu?"

Sun Ting stopped Lu Yunzhao from speaking and shook his head while looking at him with a complicated expression. Qin Mian had been calmly sitting on the sofa the entire time. Even though he was the only one sitting there, Sun Ting still felt that everyone was weak in front of Qin Mian.

Just then, two more people walked in from outside: Qin Lian and Yue Xiangkui.

When Qin Lian saw Qin Mian, his smile froze.

"You know him?" Yue Xiangkui asked casually.

Qin Lian was confused.

Yue Xiangkui did not pursue the matter.

Liu Yaoming and Liu Zhongchi walked in side by side, and when they saw that everyone was standing, they walked over in confusion, "Why are you both standing?"

Everyone changed into smiling faces at the same time and wished Liu Yaoming a happy birthday, giving him gifts that they had prepared.

Only then did Qin Mian stand up.

Liu Yaoming smiled as he walked in front of Lin Feng. He nodded towards Qin Mian in a friendly ma

er and asked, "Feng, is this the Mr. Qin you were talking about?"

"Right." Lin Feng laughed and said, "This is Qin Mian, he's a doctor. Mr. Qin's medical skills are very impressive. He was the one who helped me improve so quickly. Mister Qin, this is Liu Yaoming, one of the legendary three generations of the army. "

"What legend?" Liu Yaoming smiled and patted Lin Feng's shoulder. It could be seen that he had an extremely good relationship with Lin Feng.

He was Liu Fangchu's cousin, and had long heard about Qin Mian from Liu Fangchu.

"It's nice to meet you, Mr. Qin."

Qin Mian shook his hand, "Young Master Liu, it's my pleasure to meet you. I wish you a happy birthday."

Lu Yunzhao heard their conversation clearly, his face changed, secretly afraid. Although his status was not low, he could not compare to Liu Yaoming. Liu Yaoming was the real "crown prince". The matter of the old man of the Liu Family being unwell for the past two years was not a secret in their circle. The reason why Liu Yaoming placed such importance on Qin Mian was obvious. He could not help but be secretly glad that he did not kick Qin Mian out. Otherwise, it would be fine if the Liu family blamed him, but even their Lu family would not let him off lightly.

Other than Lu Yunzhao, there was another person present who had a bad complexion, and that was Qin Lian. Thinking back to how he had to expend so much effort to squeeze into this circle, and how did Qin Mian manage to get into a relationship with Young Master Liu so easily? The sense of danger that he had forcefully suppressed surfaced in his mind once again. Qin Lian blurted out unhappily, "Young Master Lu, did something go wrong during this? As far as I know, this "Mister Qin" has never had any contact with medical skills before he was twenty-four years old. " Even at this time, he still did not say the truth that Qin Mian was his brother. However, in order to prevent others from finding out, he did not say those words out loud. He only used the word "Mister Qin" in a sarcastic tone. When outsiders heard this, they would only think that they had a grudge.

It was not the fault that no one present found out that Qin Mian was Qin Lian's brother and that he was an illegitimate child. Furthermore, he entered the Qin Family at the age of fifteen, and after graduation, became a photographer for the Gourmet Festival. He did not do business with the Qin Family and practically never appeared in front of anyone.

Liu Yaoming swept Qin Lian with his cold gaze. Regardless if Qin Mian's understanding of medicine was real or fake, Qin Lian should not be embarrassed by this scene. This was a slap to his face.

Qin Lian's heart thumped, even Yue Xiangkui looked at him disapprovingly.

Liu Yaoming was too lazy to bother with Qin Lian, so he pretended not to hear what he said. He smiled and said: "Everyone, this way please."

Whether intentionally or not, Qin Lian was excluded from the outer layer.

To put it bluntly, a birthday party was to eat, drink, drink and sing. More or less, everyone could tell that Liu Yaoming had the intention to win Qin Mian over, so they were all wary and didn't want to go crazy. They played a little game at the side, or fought over the chance to sing, and even turned the volume down.

Qin Mian, Liu Yaoming, Lin Feng and Liu Yang were sitting in a booth in the corner.

Even though Liu Yaoming was a crown prince, he was not as arrogant, overbearing, and arrogant as an ordinary person would have thought. His ma

er of speaking was extremely proper and graceful, and he said, "Mr. Qin, to be honest, I want to invite you to treat an elder of mine."

Qin Mian had dealt with the identities of the Qin Mian family of four properly. Liu Yaoming thought that Liu Yaoming must have investigated him before, but he could only find out that his family had just returned from overseas to live in S City. He couldn't find anything else.

Qin Mian said: "Young Master Liu should know that my medical skills do not originate from the regular medical academy."

"Got it." Liu Yaoming smiled apologetically to him, as it could be considered as him admitting that he had investigated him before. Qin Mian's school of graduation was not a medical academy, "I was very sincere, so I said it directly. I would like to ask Mr. Qin to examine my elder's pulse first. As for whether I need him to treat me, we can talk about that later. Of course, I will pay the medical fees. "

Qin Mian declined to comment, "Young Master Liu, is it convenient for you to tell me where the elder is unwell?"

Liu Yaoming nodded his head, and said in a low voice: "There's a omen of a stroke."

"My attendance fee is not low." Qin Mian didn't need to fawn over anyone.

Liu Yaoming's smile turned wider, "Of course not." If Qin Mian did not collect the fees, he would owe his a favor. Sometimes, human relations were more troublesome than money.

A waiter walked over and stood a few steps away, "Young Master Liu, there's a Mr Lei outside looking for Mr Qin."

Qin Mian took out his phone to have a look.

Seeing that, Liu Yaoming knew that it was his friend, and said to the waiter: Invite him in.

In a moment, a tall man strode in. His face was solemn and his cold gaze swept across the crowd, and only after landing on Qin Mian, it became gentle.

The smile on Qin Mian's face faded from its courteousness, it was sincere and enchanting, and he quickly walked over, "You're here to pick me up?"

Lei Tia embraced his shoulder, and nodded, "Can we go now?"

Liu Yaoming could sense the unique temperament of a soldier from Lei Tia's body. He asked Qin Mian with a smile, "May I know who this person is?"

Qin Mian's gaze swept across Qin Lian's body. A cu

ing flashed in his eyes, and he said honestly: "This is my lover, Lei Tia."

Liu Yaoming and the rest were all startled. Amongst the friends here, there were some men who were together with other men, but they had never seen someone as frank and generous as Qin Mian.

Qin Lian almost dropped the wine cup in his hands, his eyes flickered unsteadily, unable to suppress his excited emotions. Qin Mian was actually hanging out with a man!

Qin Mian said: "Young Master Liu, I'm sorry, I'll be going first. You can contact me anytime you want. "

Liu Yaoming laughed: "Okay, thank you. I'll send you off. "

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