The Ugly Girl Gained a Beauty Purchase System

The Ugly Girl Gained a Beauty Purchase System

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    Leaning against the attic window, Luo Manman was on the verge of falling.

    Her long hair obscured her expressions. With an innately ugly face, even her best efforts could hardly make her figure remotely normal.

    Just as she was somewhat inclined to end it all.

    [Would you like a better appearance? In exchange for a different life?] A voice named Pandora sounded in her ears.

    Luo Manman quirked her lips into a faint smile and gave an unexpected reply: I don’t want it.


    After Pandora offered her one benefit after another, Luo Manman agreed to this game of life.

    Pretending to breathe with difficulty

    Starting to peddle composure

    The already filthy viscera

    Buried under the striking appearance

    Was the new life of this skin really a salvation?

    Or a cover up of a thrilling sin?

    A story about the intersection of skin and destiny unfolded…

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