The Monster Tamer

Chapter 19: A Mission to get Medicine (1) (unedited)
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Chapter 19: A Mission to get Medicine (1) (unedited)

Days become weeks and weeks became months. Time went by fast inside the community. JD and Patty were able to make a special suite of armor with measurements they got from me. I was able to wear them in no time and practiced them with my twin guns connected.

I felt a heavy pressure surround my body the first time I activate my special weapon. Like they have said, this armor and weapon is packed with strong power that can damage a strong body of a daemon. I had difficulty using them and so Stephen was with me while I was practicing. Besides that, I was now included in the daily schedule of a warrior. That was constant training from morning till nighttime. There were breaks every three days of training so that we can rest.

With my constant practice using the special weapon and armor, I was then included in missions outside the safe zones. At first, I was included in easy missions such us scavenging outside. I was able to see daemons that are low in class, which I was able to fight easily using the nodachi sword and the special guns that I now possess.

The people in the community were hostile to me at first because I was a newbie here and an outsider, but with the help of Stephen and the old lady Marie, I was beginning to be accepted little by little. Marie's granddaughter Jelly and I became close as well. Whenever I have a rest day from warrior training, I head out to Grandma Marie's fruit stall in the market and help out. Because of that, I had become a known face in the market.

After becoming a warrior, Sasha insisted that I room in with her. She had a dormitory room all by herself and because she and I bonded immediately from the start, she wanted me as her roommate.

Everything was getting into order. I was able to be part of the community, became a skilled fighter and a warrior, and was able to adapt to life in this apocalyptic world. The only thing that is left is to find my family, especially my daughter.

I have opened up this matter to Stephen and Sasha, and both of them have the same reaction they gave to me. 'Do not hope to find them alive in this world'.

It was a phrase that made me sad, but I understand why they said that to me. It was because most of the humans had died when the monsters appeared. They did not want me to expect and hope, but I was adamant to at least try and find them.

Stephen was against it at first, but Sasha was willing to help me. Because of it, they are willing to form a group with me every once a month to visit the friendly communities in the vicinity. My home back then was not that far from here, and if ever they survived then the best bet was, they are in the nearby communities.

Today was the day of the month where we will visit one of the safe zone communities nearby. We have already gone to two communities without luck, but I am not losing hope. It was early in the morning, and I was so excited that I am up already.

"Hmm, you are quite early." Sasha replied and looked at the clock on her bedside. "It is only five AM. There is no training today, why don't you sleep some more." She said with a sleepy voice.

"I am already up so its okay." I replied with a smile. "You get some more sleep. I will just go for a morning jog outside."

"Hmm… okay." Sasha replied and got back to sleep.

I wore my sweatpants and shirt and head out. It was still early in the morning and was a little chilly outside, but I felt more alive after taking a jog.

I jogged on my usual path around the dormitory building and to the market. Grandma Marie is always early in opening her fruit stall. I make at least three rounds of jogging around the building before heading out to the market. I always help Grandma Marie and Jelly in opening there stall every morning even in training days.

Their fruit stall was getting near while I was jogging in their directions. I saw Grandma Marie stacking up some boxes with Stephen.

"Good morning Grandma Marie." I greeted. "Good morning Stephen. What brings you here so early?"

"Oh, good morning Claudia." Grandma Marie replied. "I asked Stephen here to lend me a hand. Jelly is sick today and I left her home to take some rest."

"Hi Claudia. Good morning." Stephen replied. "We don't have training today and because Grandma Marie asked, I thought it is better to help out so that Jelly can take a rest while sick."

"Oh, so Jelly is sick." I started to help in carrying the box of fruits inside. "Does she have a cold or something?" I asked.

"Yes. She has been sneezing since the other day." Grandma Marie replied. "She was running a temperature last night and I told her to take some rest today. I hope she is doing fine now."

"Let me check on her after we are done here grandma." I replied.

"Oh, thank you my dear." Grandma Marie said with gratitude. "I am a little worried but with you checking up on her, I will feel relieved."

"No worries grandma." I replied with a smile and resumed helping.

"So, Sasha, Devon and you are going out today, right?" Stephen asked while fixing some fruits in the front counter.

"Yes." I replied. "We have decided that a small group will be better to move around while visiting other communities, right?"

Stephen had accompanied me in the first two trips on the nearby communities. He wanted to go today as well but I insisted that he needed to take a rest and asked Devon to accompany Sasha and me.

"Yes, that is correct." Stephen replied. "Do you really not want me to accompany you today as well? I mean, after this I am free the whole day."

"We are going to be fine Steph." I replied. "You also need to rest you know. You are always busy because of community work. Having a day off is rare for you."

"She is right Steph. You do not need to go out of your way to help the selfish whims of someone." Anna's voice was suddenly behind me. "Why don't you go out with me and go to the daycare center? I am planning to bake and apple pie today and give it to the orphaned kids there. I am sure they will be happy to see you again. They have always been asking about you whenever I go there. They want to play with you again."

"Oh Anna… good morning." I greeted awkwardly. She was still hostile to me even after months have passed by.

"Hmph…" Anna gave me a sour look.

"I-I don't know Anna." Stephen replied while scratching his head. "I can visit them another time, I guess."

I am not sure, but I just noticed that Stephen was avoiding Anna since I got here. And I thought they were a couple because of how Anna was clinging to Stephen like now.

"Oh, come on Steph. We haven't been going out lately you know." Anna pushed me aside and clung to Stephen's arm in an instant. "

I felt like a third wheel being here and seeing them so close.

"I think you should go, Steph." I said just to escape being in this awkward position. "I am sure the kids will be happy to see you."

Stephen also brought me to the daycare center a few times. It was like a little orphanage where young kids that lost their parents are being taken care of. There were a variety of kids there, some that are jolly and some that had sad faces. People in the community are working hard to cheer up the children in the daycare center and Stephen was one of them. The kids there love him and that is why he goes there from time to time to play with them. Stephen has this gentle aura that can calm a person, I know because I was one of those persons he had helped.

"I-Is that okay?" Stephen asked me with a confused look.

"Why not?" I replied. "It is your day off so you can do as you please."

"You heard here, let's go." Anna replied. "Hey granny, I will buy some apples for the apple pie okay."

"Sure, sure." Grandma Marie replied.

Not long, Anna left while pulling Stephen with her.

"She is a good gal you know, but a little obsessed with Stephen." Grandma Marie said.

"Well, I do not see why she can't be." I replied. "I mean, they are both single right? And I can see that Anna really liked Stephen."

"Hah, you are dense sometimes you know?" Grandma Marie sighed.

"D-Dense?" I was surprised with the word that grandma described me. "Am I dense?" I asked myself.

"Well, I think we are done opening here. Thanks for the help, and here." Grandma Marie gave me some bananas. "Take this with you and give some to Jelly as well. Tell her to take her medicine after eating."

"Thanks grandma." I replied with a warm smile while taking the bananas. "Well, I am off."

I waved goodbye and headed for grandma and Jelly's living quarters.



"Hello… Jelly it's me." I knocked on their door but there was no response.

"Hmm, maybe she is still sleeping." I told myself.

Good thing Grandma Marie lent me her keys. I opened the door with it and entered.

"Hello, Jelly." I called out. "I came here to visit you. Grandma said you have a cold."

When I stepped inside, I saw Jelly's door to her room open. She was lying down on the floor near her bed to my surprise.

"JELLY!" I quickly ran towards her and knelt beside her. I touched her forehead, and I felt that she was burning up. "Oh my God, you have a high fever. Let me take you to Doc."

I carried her in my arms and dashed outside in an instant. My destination was to Doc's clinic.

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