The Lust Of My Husband

Chapter 236 - 251 Morning Kiss
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Chapter 236 - 251 Morning Kiss

Benson looked down at Juliana and smiled dotingly, "Okay."

Juliana stood on her tiptoes and helped him tie his tie, "I'm going to Gem Entertainment today. I won't be back at noon and won't come back early in the evening."

Benson nodded, "Okay, if there's anything you don't understand, just call me."

Juliana tied Benson's tie, looked up at him, then tilted her head, and kissed him on the corner of his lips, "Be careful when you drive."

Benson was stunned by the sudden kiss before he smiled immediately.

This was the first time Juliana had ever kissed him of her own accord, and it wasn't the same as the kisses she used to tease him with!

Benson simply felt that it was different. He wore his shoes in a dizzy state of happiness.

Juliana pulled the corner of Benson's coat and reminded him, "You have put on the right shoe on your left foot."

Benson looked down and saw that it was true, but he wasn't embarrassed at all but laughed with Juliana, "I'm happy."

Juliana saw Benson turn around and raise her hand.

From this angle, he should be touching the corner of his lips.

It was just a light morning kiss. Was it so good that he was touching the corners of his lips to call it to mind?

It was so easy for Benson to be satisfied.

Old Mr. Leach smiled lovingly as he told Juliana, "Jill, see, Benson is actually very nice and not as scary as it's said to be."

The first reason for the rumors about Benson was that Benson was indeed scary when he had an attack.

The second reason was that the Leach family intentionally had it spread so that some people would stay away from the Leach family.

Juliana smiled brightly, "Benson is great."

Juliana finished her meal and went out to the office.

Gem Entertainment.

When Juliana arrived at the entrance of the building, someone opened the door for her just as she parked her car.

Then she heard the respectful voices, "Good morning, Mrs. Leach."

Juliana looked at the person who opened the door for her. It was a man in his early thirties wearing a suit with normal features, who would be invisible within a sea of faces.

"Mrs. Leach, I'm Greyson Watson, the HR manager, and I'm here on Mr. Leach's orders to show you the company."

Juliana nodded lightly, "Okay."

Greyson called a woman over and introduced her to Juliana, "Mrs. Leach, this is your assistant. Her name is..."

Juliana looked at the well-dressed woman and said, "I already have a choice of assistant and there's no need to find me an assistant for now."

Greyson looked at the well-dressed woman in embarrassment and then nodded, "Yes."

The woman was also embarrassed. She rolled her eyes at Juliana's back as Juliana walked away and muttered in a low voice, "Aren't you just pretty and well married? What's the big deal?"

She disliked Juliana, who was a beautiful woman without a single success.

Juliana, who was walking ahead, suddenly stopped and turned her head to look at the woman as she asked Greyson, "Has she started working here yet?"

Greyson replied, "Yes, she is an old employee, the assistant of the former president, and she is working..."

Juliana said briefly, "Then fire her."

When the woman heard that, she was not convinced and questioned her, "Why should you fire me?"

Juliana looked at her with a faint smile, "You should have been far away when you spoke ill of me behind my back, or else you might be embarrassed if you got heard."

The woman's face changed slightly, not expecting that Juliana's ears were so sensitive that she could hear what she had said in such a low voice.

But she was still not convinced, "I just made a small complaint, and you, as the new president, fired me. It's too narrow-minded of you, isn't it? Aren't you afraid that you might offend other people?"

Juliana looked calm and stern, "So, don't offend me if you don't want to be fired. I am a calculating woman who relies on beauty to get to the top!"

She was doing this as a warning to others, not concealing her character.

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