The Lucky Star Reincarnates to Bring Her Family Fortune!

The Lucky Star Reincarnates to Bring Her Family Fortune!

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    Zhou Xiaoli, a carp living in Immortal Tai Yi’s lotus pond, transmigrated into a novel world and though she was supposed to be the female lead of it, another soul beat her to it!

    After wandering as a ghost for 10 years in the novel world, she transmigrated into another body! Deemed a jinx, her grandparents disowned her and her family. Determined to build a better life for her family, she got to work! Soon, people in the village noticed that the Zhou family started having a lucky streak, and life could not be better!

    Zhou Xiaoli’s father was no longer a fool, her mother was cured of her sickness while her siblings were all smart and resourceful. Zhou Xiaoli herself led the family as they cleared land in the wilderness, planted tea leaves and fruit trees, and started businesses… Life was beautiful.

    That was when war struck, and the family was forced to leave and became refugees. Zhou Xiaoli: Don’t worry. I have a pocket dimension!

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