The Great Core's Paradox

The Great Core's Paradox

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    Name: Paradox

    Species: Snake, ?

    Description: A tiny snake with great potential.

    That was who I was. That was what I was. A tiny snake with great potential. The sole creation of the Great Core.

    It was just us, the Great Core and I, tucked away in our little corner of the World Dungeon. Together, we hid from the bad-things and the Coreless of the world outside - safe from the horrors that would consume us.

    Until, one day, the Coreless found us. Until they tried to steal away my creator. Until, with no other option, I swallowed the Great Core that had made me.

    Only after that did I become what I was always meant to be.

    At last, I became the Great Core's Paradox in more than name.

    [The Endless Cycle] began.

    Thus begins the story of a little snake zealot and his journey to greatness.

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