The Glamorous Comeback of the Ousted Heiress

The Glamorous Comeback of the Ousted Heiress

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    As soon as she opened her eyes, Bai Lian found herself in the body of a notorious and spoiled young lady.

    She heard her father was a new and rising star in Beicheng, self-made with a far-reaching reputation;

    Her older illegitimate brother was a genius who had topped the city exams and went off to Jiangjing University;

    The younger illegitimate sister from the adjacent international class was a multi-talented school beauty, gentle and well-mannered;

    Her fiancé was a golden boy of finance, a scholarly idol in school who had never even glanced at her properly…

    And she was just an unremarkable person with low intelligence, an ordinary person, kicked out of the house right from the start.

    Bai Lian: Fine, then she’ll just have to study hard and strive to be an ordinary person~

    Everyone (with a mysterious smiling face): …are you sure about that??

    The young lady sent to Xiangcheng with no background, ignorant and unlearned, everyone could step on her… but they can’t move her???

    [A uniquely stunning, lazy and capricious female protagonist who annihilates anyone who crosses her vs. a noble, cool, and dominating male protagonist with an IQ that crushes everyone present]

    PS: Both the male and female leads are very suave. This story is all about satisfying reads without much logic, so please don’t delve too deeply into the logic, thanks.

    Message: Love learning, be a good person.

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