The Constellation Returned From Hell

The Constellation Returned From Hell
The Constellation That Returned From Hell, 지옥에서 돌아온 성좌님, The Celestial Returned From Hell
Korean Novel

The Constellation Returned From Hell

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    Earth, the land that the constellations were aiming for.

    Hunter Choi Yeonseung decided to start special training to stop the constellations that want to monopolize Earth. His training location was the Abyss, a space where time flowed infinitely slowly. However, Choi Yeonseung was suddenly caught up in a magical storm and had to face the harsh Abyss head-on.

    Choi Yeonseung went through unprecedented and infinite practical training throughout the Abyss and discovered a clue to be the first human to become a constellation.

    The hard-working hunter, Choi Yeonseung, was reborn safely as a constellation.

    Will he be able to save Earth, which is destined to fall prey to the constellations?

    The hard-working, overpowered martial artist, Choi Yeonseung! The path he walks on to become the first human constellation!

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