The Chief Minister's Ferocious Wife

Chapter 110 - 110 I Don’t Repay Hatred With Kindness
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110 I Don’t Repay Hatred With Kindness

“Is it good?” Xie Heng asked.

Zhao Chuchu’s mouth was stuffed full of food. She said, with a muffled voice, “Absolutely delicious. You know you’re a master chef when you can make home-cooked dishes taste so good. Da Lang, you’re not just good at studying. You’re a talented cook as well.”

“My parents passed away early, and I have a younger brother. So, of course, I needed to learn to do these things,” said Xie Heng as he smiled.

Zhao Chuchu paused for a while, then said, “The people who have passed away are in the past. I think we should look forward to it as living people. I’ve thought about it. When you start studying again, we’ll hire a servant who can cook. How’s that?”

“No need, I can do it. It doesn’t take much time.” Xie Heng rejected her suggestion.

He didn’t like outsiders in his house!

“Studying is more important.”

“That little bit of time wouldn’t make a difference.”

Upon hearing Xie Heng say that, Zhao Chuchu stopped insisting.

“Thank you.”

“I’ll still have to depend on you for Junjun.”

“Oh right, I’ve found part of the herbs. We can start making the medicine now.”

Zhao Chuchu remembered this.

She wanted to ask Yuan Hui to help her search for part of the herbs instead of using those that she had stored in her carry-on space. But on second thought, Yuan Hui had enough trouble right now, and she shouldn’t drag her into this ordeal.

Besides, secrets were no longer secrets in front of Xie Heng anyway.

If Xie Heng were really going to suspect her of something like this, she would just divorce him, and the two of them would go their separate ways!

Xie Heng raised his head and “looked” toward Zhao Chuchu. “You have them all? Are you going to leave after making the medicine?”

For some reason, the thought of that made Xie Heng feel an unprecedented sense of agitation.

“It’s not that fast! Junjun’s body is very frail now. We need to detoxify him progressively. Otherwise, his body won’t be able to take it. We need at least half a year, provided everything goes smoothly. If Junjun’s body is unable to hold up halfway through the treatment, we’ll need to let his body rest and rejuvenate before continuing. Anyways, this is going to be a very long process, don’t worry.”

Zhao Chuchu thought Xie Heng was worried about Xie Jun and hoped to shorten the treatment, so she explained it to him patiently.

Upon hearing that, the uneasy feeling was magically soothed.

“I’m not in a hurry. I’m just afraid that it’ll take up too much of your time.”

“No way! I have no family or relatives, so I don’t really care where I live. Besides, you’re such a good cook. So I want to stay here and eat your cooking for a while more,” Zhao Chuchu joked.

Although the food in her carry-on space was hot, it wasn’t as good as freshly-cooked meals.

Furthermore, in order to gather as many supplies as she could in the shortest possible amount of time, she didn’t have very high standards for the chefs. As long as the food didn’t taste too bad and could be cooked quickly in the quantity that she needed, she was alright with it. It was incomparable to Xie Heng’s cooking.

She only knew how precious food was after experiencing the apocalypse!

“As long as you like them, it makes me feel a little better,” Xie Heng said. “Next time, just tell me whatever you want to eat, and I’ll try my best to learn the recipe.

“Da Lang, you’re so different from when I met you! Back then, I saw you tell Li Jiang to kill those people in such a ruthless manner, and I thought you were a cold-blooded person.”

“There’s no such thing as requiring hatred with kindness for me.”

“Hehe, I like people like you who are clear on their gratitude and hatred.”


The corner of Xie Heng’s lips curled up into a slight, almost undetectable curve.

After getting a good beating, Niu Ziming and her mother became a lot quieter and more well-behaved.

The rest of Niu Ziming’s family heard about the news and came over. They wanted to seek revenge on Zhao Chuchu, but Madam Qian held them back as if her life depended on it and prevented them from going.

She was terrified that Zhao Chuchu would come to knock on her door at midnight to take her life.

Madam Qian was completely convinced that Zhao Chuchu’s body had been occupied by a wild ghost.

Although she had actually guessed part of the truth, it didn’t matter!

Old Man Zhao and his family turned quiet as well.

When Zhao Chuchu went over to change their medicine, Madam Yang and Madam Ma both hid from her and didn’t appear.

Perhaps because they saw that Zhao Chuchu was really helping Zhao Baogen and Zhao Baotian treat their legs, the other families in the Zhao clan brought money to Zhao Chuchu and politely asked her to treat them as well.

Naturally, Zhao Chuchu wouldn’t reject money that was sent right to her door.

Twenty-five taels of silver for each patient, and she made her own medicine. That meant that, besides time, there was no other cost to this!

While she was busy with this, Zhao Chuchu took some time off to head to the county. Why? To buy the seedling cultivation trays!

She went out early in the morning and came home late at night, then took out the seedling cultivation tray from her carry-on space and pretended that she had bought it from the merchants in the county. The next day, she would give the seedling cultivation trays to Niu Tongsheng together with the seeds.

Niu Tongsheng had never seen a seedling cultivation tray before, so this was completely new to him.

Zhao Chuchu told Niu Tongsheng the theory that she knew and told him to try the method.

“Chuchu, you really saw this in a book?” Niu Tongsheng found it incredible.

Zhao Chuchu said with a genuine expression, “Yeah, but unfortunately, Da Lang burned that book together with the medical books. Otherwise, I can bring it over for you to see.”

The village chief waved his hand and said, “I can barely read. So there’s no way I’d understand what’s written in the book. But since you said it was, we’ll try it. But Chuchu, you can’t blame us if it fails.”

“Of course, I don’t know for sure either. If it doesn’t work, we’ll just try again next year. How can I blame you for it?”

“That makes me feel much more at ease.”

Niu Tongsheng picked up the paddy rice seeds that were placed beside them.

He picked up a handful of them habitually. He was immediately stunned by this plump, golden-skinned seed with absolutely no impurities.

He could even smell a faint fragrance.

He quickly peeled a seed and threw it into his mouth. He couldn’t believe it when he realized that the fragrance came from the rice itself! 𝒇𝚛𝙚𝙚𝘸𝙚𝗯𝓃𝗼ѵ𝚎𝘭. c𝑜𝘮

“Chuchu, where did you buy these seeds?” Niu Tongsheng asked frantically. “I’ve been farming rice for many years, but I’ve never seen such high-quality seeds. I want to buy some of these too!”

“I forgot, I bought a lot of stuff previously. Some of them were gifts from the store owner.”

“Sigh, could you try to recall?”

“I really can’t remember. But if you want, I think I have quite a bit of these. After I’m done farming my land, I’ll give you the rest. How’s that?”

“There are only about 16 pounds here. An acre of land would require more than 10 pounds of seeds. I’m afraid you won’t even have enough for your land. You guys rented around three acres of land.”

“The seedling tossing methods actually don’t need so many seeds. Around three pounds per acre should be enough. We’ll definitely have seeds to spare.”

Niu Tongsheng thought Zhao Chuchu simply didn’t understand how farming works. Upon seeing that Zhao Chuchu really couldn’t recall where she bought the seeds, he stopped asking.

After that, Zhao Chuchu used the plant growth accelerator to get the potato plants to start sprouting. At the same time, she helped Niu Tongsheng cultivate seedlings using the seedling cultivation trays.

While the people of Lengshui Village found this novel interesting, people who disliked Zhao Chuchu started to mock her behind her back.

“Zhao Chuchu is fond of random, meaningless things. What a waste of those seeds. Oh well, she’s rich.”

“Hey, don’t you see that the entire family of the village chief is following every word she says? What she does has nothing to do with us. So whatever happens, she won’t be begging for food at our door.”

“Do you guys think Zhao Chuchu is actually possessed by a wild ghost? Don’t you think that she’s acting really strange?”

“Yeah, I am a wild ghost. How about we have a good conversation at night about whether women or children taste better?” Zhao Chuchu, who just happened to overhear their conversation, stood behind them and said eerily.

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