Supreme Harem God System

Chapter 1194 More Slaves.
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Chapter 1194 More Slaves.

1194 More Slaves.

"Your Majesty, it is quite rare for you to summon us all at the same time, is everything alright?" A Divine Stage Cultivator questioned with a concerned look on his face.

He was Eldarion, Lyriana's one of most loyal subordinates, he was up to date with the matters regarding the Kingdom and the entire Yrniel, and he was also the subordinate with whom Lyriana shared almost all her secrets.

Therefore, when he noticed that he and 28 other Divine Stage Cultivators were summoned at the same time, the man couldn't help but frown in confusion.

Summoning all 29 Divine Stage Cultivators in the Royal Mansion at the same time was a big deal, so every time Lyriana took such a decision, there was always a big enough reason for it, a reason all the Divine Cultivators who were summoned knew about.

Today, however, all cultivators were completely clueless.

They tried to recall recent events that might require such actions from the Queen, but they couldn't think of anything.

"I need your help."

While all the cultivators were busy thinking about the possible reasons why Lyriana would summon them, the Elven Queen spoke up with a grim look on her face.

"Please say the word, Your Majesty," Eldarion spoke up.

"I am trying to create a new Spell and to complete the Spell, I sought Nux Leander's help."

"Nux Leander...?" one of the Divine Stage Cultivators frowned.

Eldarion, however, understood, "Is that the reason you met him today?"

Lyriana stared at her subordinate and nodded slowly.

"If I may ask, your Majesty, what kind of spell is it?"

"I cannot tell you that, however, what I can say is that if this turns out as I intend it to and all 30 of us learn it, We elves would become strong enough to overpower the Dragons, Vampires, and Demons and will become the Strongest Race in the world.

It is something that I have been working on for the past 200 years and have finally found a missing peace because of Nux."

Lyriana spoke and all her subordinates widened their eyes in surprise. However, before they could make any commotion,

"I know you are all excited, however, before we start forming castles in the air, I want your help in order to complete the Spell."

"What do we have to do, Your Majesty?" Eldarion questioned.

"Yo-" Before Lyriana could say anything,

"Let me take this from here, Lady Lyriana."

Nux appeared in front of the Divine Stage Cultivators, then, as he stared at them with a calm look on his face, he spoke up,

"I will ask you people to become my Slave and all you need to do is say yes."

"What!? Are you asking us to become your Slaves!?"

"Boy, do you have a death wish!?"

And of course, none of the elves took it well.

All of them were Divine Stage Cultivators, they might be tame in front of Lyriana, but their ego would never allow them to become Slaves of a mere Semi Saint.

Nux simply turned towards Lyriana. The elven queen nodded and, f(r)

"I am not asking you all to actually become his Slave, you only need to agree to his words, I will be saying it with you as well. The spell I am creating needs to resonate with Nux and 30 Divine Stage Cultivators."

"W-We understand."

Even though they found it weird, the cultivators still nodded in reluctance.

"You all need to make sure that you say it at the same time, if you do not, the Spell might rebound and hurt Lady Lyriana," Nux spoke.

"We understand."

Nux then nodded at Lyriana. Lyriana extended her hands and a giant white colored incomplete Magic Circle formed under her feet.

"Are you all willing to become my Slaves?"

Once everything was prepared, Nux glanced at all Divine Cultivators in front of him and questioned.


The Cultivators answered at the same time.

[Slaves: Eldarion Leif, Legolas...]

Seeing the System screen appearing in front of him, a smile crept up on Nux's face.

"I do feel a strange energy entering my body..." Eldarion even reported the current situation, Lyriana, on the other hand, closed her eyes.

Although she was forced to do it and had no way to resist it, she still gave away her subordinates' freedom in the hands of another man.

With this, the Strongest beings in the Elven Kingdom were nothing more than a Semi Saint's Slave...

This was no different than selling out her entire Kingdom.

'I am a stain in the name of a Queen.'

Lyriana cursed herself as he clenched her fists in helplessness and frustration.

Thud Thud Thud

Then suddenly, she noticed all her subordinates falling on the floor, in panic, she turned towards Nux and questioned.

"What did you do to them!?"

"I do not wish to explain everything to them right now, so I made them lose their consciousness."

"You can do that?"

"I have complete control over their bodies, Lyriana. I can do whatever I want."


Lyriana turned silent, once again realizing how horrifying the Slave Seal was.

"I need to open up the Human Trials, give me the required resources, no, 1.5 times the required resources."

Nux demanded.

He knew Aurelian was asking more than what was required, however, right now, he had no other choice but to give her whatever she wanted.

The Ancestral Order was not active right now, so if that woman decided not to open the Human Trials, there was nothing he could do.

So now that he had the resources available to him, he decided to give the Aurelian a little extra.

"I will be back."

Having no other choice, Lyriana simply sighed as she turned around and started walking towards the Elven treasury.

Now Nux, who was left alone with 29 unconscious Divine Stage Cultivators sighed, then, he waved his hand and all of them regained their consciousness.

'So it can be used like this as well...' Nux noted in his head.

"W-What happened...?"

"W-Why are all of lying on the floor...?"

"Where is Her Majesty?"

The Cultivators were confused. Nux then stepped in front of them and,

"I'll explain everything."

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