Supreme Harem God System

Chapter 1193 Stay away from my daughter
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Chapter 1193 Stay away from my daughter

1193 Stay away from my daughter

"Lyriana Frostwillow, are you willing to be my Slave?"


Lyriana answered with a slight smile on her face.

She didn't think she would agree to something as foolish as this, however, if simply saying 'yes' to a question would let her help her daughter, the-

Suddenly, Lyriana's smile froze.

She could feel a foreign energy entering her body.

An energy that was oddly similar to the time Nux used his weird Magic.

As the realization slowly kicked in, Lyriana glanced at Nux, and seeing how he was looking at her with an emotionless look on his face, Lyriana closed her eyes as a defeated smile appeared on her face,

"You fooled me."

She commented.

"I had no other choice, I was desperate."

Nux didn't bother hiding it either.

The Slave Seal was already imprinted on Lyriana. From now on, he could do anything he wanted to Lyriana, whether it was torturing her to an extent one couldn't even think about, or to make her body do something her mind never agreed to, or... to rewrite her entire personality and converting it to something that suits him, he could do anything he wanted and the Elven Queen would have no way to resist him.

That was simply how ridiculously strong ability the 12-Star Slave Seal was. Even a Divine Stage Cultivator like Lyriana was completely helpless in front of it.


Lyriana laughed out loud.

"The world does not resemble a fairytale. You, more than anyone else, should be well aware of this.

I can't believe I would be eating my words so quickly."


Nux was silent.

Honestly, he was ashamed of his actions, it was no different than betraying Lyriana who had trusted him.

Right now, however, Nux had no other option.

He was stuck.

He was desperate.

Arcturus was a strong enemy.

He was laughing about this all this time, however, in truth, he was much more worried than anyone else.

Yes, he could hide in Core for as long as he wanted, however, Core was not a place where he or his wives could cultivate. They would remain stuck on the same level if they just stayed in Core.

They would never be able to overpower Arcturus that way.

And even if they go to Warangal, the only Dimension he currently has access to since he marked that place, his wives' potential would be cripple since they wouldn't be able to Master their Skills and Spells there properly.

Vyriana would never help him and if he actively sought her help, she would simply dismiss him and might even start looking down on him, this was truly the only option Nux had.

A way to create a little breathing space in this suffocating situation.

A way to actually be on the offensive side.

"So? What did you do to me?"

The Elven Queen glanced at Nux and questioned.

She could tell that a strange energy had entered her body and had infiltrated her core, however, she had no what this energy was supposed to do.

Instead of answering directly,

'Go sit on the bed.'

Nux spoke, Lyriana's body moved on its own as she started walking towards the bed.

Seeing that, her eyes widened in horror, she tried to resist Nux's command and stop, however, she realized that the moment Nux gave her an order, she lost complete control over her body.

She wasn't even able to gather Mana.

It was only after she sat on the bed did she finally regain control over her body and she was horrified by the experience she had just gone through. freewebno(v)el


"I have complete control over your body. You cannot hurt me, if you try to, your body would simply stop responding to your commands, you cannot think of betraying me, there are many other things, but in simpler terms, I did exactly what you agreed to,

I made you my Slave."

Just like he had done with Riona, he had closed the 'painful torture' option for Lyriana's case as well, of course, he knew it didn't make it any better but since it made him feel better, he went with it.

"That... is a horrifying ability."

Lyriana commented.

She was taking it much better than most people.

Well, she didn't have to go through extreme pain, so that was one of the deciding factors.

"I know. I try not to use it very often, but there are times when I am forced to." Nux replied.

"Do I have no way to get out of this...?" Lyriana questioned even though she knew it was hopeless.

Nux didn't give her any sense of fake comfort either.

"You do not."

Lyriana lowered her head.

"What about my daughter...?"

In the end, since she had already lost, she decided to take a chance and ask.

"..." Nux paused.

Seeing Lyriana act like that only strengthened his guilt but he decided to remain strong and answered honestly, "The ability I used on you was called Slave Seal.

Just like Slave Seal, I have another ability called Harem Seal. It is a seal that is imprinted on my wives and that Seal is what allows me to share my abilities with them."

"So if Ariana has to use your abilities, then she would need to become your wife..." Lyriana understood.

"That is correct."


Lyriana didn't know how to react to that information.

If it was before, then honestly, she wouldn't have minded Nux marrying her daughter if her Ariana fell in love with him, after all, Nux loved his wives and was even willing to give his life for them. He was a perfect man any woman can hope for,


That was before Nux used his ability on her. Now in Lyriana's mind, Nux wasn't as credible as before.

Especially when she learned about the Harem Seal.

If all his wives had a Seal imprinted on them... then the chances that Nux Leander was actually controlling his wives to suit his needs wouldn't be nil...

Of course, Lyriana wasn't sure if this was true, however, she wasn't willing to take a risk like that. π“―π™§π™šπ™šπ’˜π™šπ™—π™£π™€π™«π™šπ’.𝓬𝙀𝙒

"Please stay away from my daughter..."

Lyriana requested.

"If you do not want me to go near her, then I will not,"

Nux assured.

Lyriana stared into his eyes. She didn't know if she could trust him anymore or not.

In the end, Lyriana decided to change the topic and steer Nux's focus away from her daughter.

"So what do you plan to do next?"

She questioned.

Nux then looked into her eyes and,

"How many Divine Stage Cultivators are there in the Elven Kingdom?"

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