Substitute Bride Phoenix, The Tyrant's Pampered Demon Empress

Chapter 415: Forcing You to Bow Your Head
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Chapter 415: Forcing You to Bow Your Head

Translator: Paperplane, Zenobys

Zuiying’s tears fell from his eyes like a broken pearl necklace and he whimpered non-stop. He kept his head down low and he looked entirely humiliated and helpless.

Xu Ziling smirked wickedly and made her orders towards the door. “Zitian, Zidi, get out! I’m fine!”

Xu Ziling turned her heels, sat on the bed, and pulled her undergarments down.

She exposed herself, as a trace of red flashed across her face. “Hurry it up!” She said coldly.

Zuiying whimpered whilst he slowly grovelled to Xu Ziling.

His head drew gradually closer to her groin.

How had things ended up like this? If he knew this was going to happen, then he wouldn’t have angered her! Zuiying felt a sense of endless remorse.

Xu Ziling clutched onto the bed with both hands, then raised her head and felt the tickling sensation from below.

She squinted and slightly opened her little mouth.

Zuiying shut his eyes and sniffled.

He moved frigidly.

“Hurry it up!” Xu Ziling commanded.

Zuiying’s entire body shuddered in fright.

He put more force into it.

Xu Ziling lay down comfortably.

She let out a cry.

Then, slowly lay on the bed and half-closed her eyes.

Zuiying’s tears fell endlessly from his eyes.

“Mmmm...” Xu Ziling clutched onto the mattress with both hands in slight bewilderment.

Zuiying sniffled. He didn’t know why but he felt excited to see that woman’s soft p*ssy go limp. Could it be that he liked doing this? Zuiying immediately killed that thought, the moment it came to mind. How could he possibly like it? He just wanted to see that woman look as if she was in pain.

Xu Ziling sensed her entire body let loose, then she let out a happy exhale. “Alright! You can get up now!” She said flatly.

Zuiying wanted to leave ages ago, so when he heard what Xu Ziling said, he immediately bolted up.

Then, he spat up a few times. How disgusting! He’d never felt so disgusted before in his whole life.

Xu Ziling couldn’t help but clench her fists. Good, very well! He looked down on her, did he? She clenched her jaw, then coldly cried, “I want more!”

A look of embarrassment came over Zuiying’s face, then he cried angrily. “Y-you’re truly vulgar! Haven’t you had enough?”

“You don’t have the right to decline! If I tell you to lick, then lick!” Exclaimed Xu Ziling wickedly.

A thought came to Zuiying, then he clenched his fights and kneeled again.


Xu Ziling lay in bed with a sinister smile on her lips. He dared look down on her? Anybody else could, but not Zuiying!

Xu Ziling felt something ticklish, and had no choice but to make Zuiying stop. She was too sensitive right now and couldn’t continue on. Otherwise, she couldn’t guarantee that she’d make Zuiying take it one step further.

Zuiying instantly let out a sigh of relief, then forcefully stopped the tears that ran down his face. His face flushed a darker shade of red and endured the embarrassment with his fists clenched tightly.

Xu Ziling flashed an evil smile when she noticed that Zuiying had his head slightly bowed and he looked completed humiliated. “Come up!” She continued to order.

Zuiying sniffled, then slowly climbed into bed.

Xu Ziling put on her floral undergarments, then turned her heels and leapt on Zuiying.

With a pale complexion of shock on his face, Zuiying fell onto the bed.

Xu Ziling was sprawled on top of Zuiying with both her hands around his head. “You’re pretty tall and big. I can sleep on you without a problem,” she said with a smile.

Zuiying saw Xu Ziling’s smile and furrowed his brows. “Wench! Hurry and get off of me! My hands are still tied behind my back. I’ll be so uncomfortable if you lay on me like that!” He exclaimed coldly.

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