Starting With Contract Pets

Chapter 260: Chance Encounter
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Chapter 260: Chance Encounter

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

When Su Bai got up early the next morning, he found that his phone was full of news about him.

Title: [Shocking news! A genius Pet Tamer killed 30,000 monsters with one move, leaving a permanent cross in the sky!]

Similar headlines could be seen everywhere.

Su Bai also noticed that many people had run over early in the morning to see the cross marks left behind by the Little Blood Dragon on Carp Mountain.

The scarlet cross was very obvious. It was nearly one kilometer in length and could be seen even from a distance.

It was like a red cross star.

Many classmates soon sent him shocked emoticons, but he picked a few close people to reply to, and ignored the others.

“Master, I finished analyzing all the data, and now I’m using algorithms to improve and transform these data models,” Planet Eye flew over and said in its mechanical voice.

“Very well. What is the most powerful weapon in it?” Su Bai nodded and asked curiously.

“The strongest should be the in-and-out psychic annihilation artillery, anti-psychic missiles, hydrogen bombs, net of life imprisonment, and spiritual ban missiles.

“They are all quite strong and can strike emperors and even sovereigns.”

Planet Eye continued reporting. “My current level is too low, unfortunately. The commander-tier spiritual power is simply not enough to launch these weapons.”

“I understand. I already collected special metals in the gym, so we should have something to gain when we go back.” Su Bai nodded.

This was similar to what he knew; now, Blue Planet’s technology level could hit the emperors as well as those monsters that had just become sovereigns.

However, it also required pets to cooperate, or else it would be difficult to hit the targets.

The horror of technology still laid in mass production. Once the technology was perfected, it could be used to combat emperor and sovereign monsters on a large scale.

Su Bai fed the eggs some attribute light balls after he woke up, and the krakens origins all reached the degree of consummation.

“Mom, dad, I’m leaving now.” He looked at his parents after breakfast and bid them goodbye.

“Okay, pay attention to your own safety. We won’t be too long-winded; you’re smarter than us,” Mother Su waved her hand and said.

What happened yesterday made them deeply aware that their son was no longer a boy who needed their discipline.

“Okay.” Nodding, Su Bai stepped onto Planet Eye and flew toward the sky.

After leaving Baiyue Manor, Su Bai went to the place of Chen Ruoxue’s parents and secretly took a look. After he confirmed that they were all fine, and there was no one plotting against them, he left silently.

With Planet Eye’s speed, he reached the outskirts of Cannes in ten minutes.

Today, in the suburbs of Cannes, Blood-devouring Spears could be seen; blood monsters could be seen one after two or three steps, too.

From time to time, some space cracks appeared in sight, with many blood monsters drilling out from inside.

Soon, he came to a gathering place like a small village, which looked very desolate and uninhabited.

This was the gathering place by the Blood Beach, the entrance to the monster wilderness of emperor ruins.

When he got here, Planet Eye revealed its figure and went straight to the entrance.

Su Bai consciously showed his Pet Tamer license. The staff greeted him very enthusiastically because the former recognized him.

“Senior Su, there’s a large Flesh Devourer on Blood Beach; you must be careful.” The staff handed back the certificate respectfully.

“Thank you; I’ll pay attention.”

Planet Eye directly flew through the space door.

Once they entered, a moist and fishy wind blew toward them.

Activating the monster life detection radar, the mineral detector, and the spiritual power detection radar... Splitting the electromagnetic satellite into 300...

Su Bai stood on Planet Eye, which had stretched to a diameter of only five hundred meters. He looked at it as it transmitted this message to him mentally.

A small electromagnetic satellite spread about and explored the surroundings.

“Sure enough, the world has changed a lot.” Su Bai looked at this familiar world and spoke with emotion.

After merging with the origin of Blue Planet, the world had undergone many different changes.

Although there were still many blood monsters, there were also other types of monsters.

However, these bloodline monsters in the Blood Moon world were still very aggressive. For example, a group of blood feather eagles had swooped down toward him at the moment.

Planet Eye immediately activated its psionic shield to withstand the enemies’ assault and sent out dozens of cannons, blasting the attackers into ashes.

Ah Bai, there are actually two Flesh Devourers in this monster wilderness. They have now gathered in front of the Sea of Blood. It seems that they are about to start devouring each other, Little Blood Dragon said suddenly.

“Both are emperor Flesh Devourers?” he asked inexplicably.

Yes. They should be the result of the collision of the shard shield after the Blood Moon world broke, but I don’t know why they’re only beginning to swallow the shield now, explained his pet dragon.

“Let’s take a look and find out,” Su Bai glanced at the holographic screen in front of him and ordered. “1314, set off in the southeast direction. Don’t go too fast; fly at a slightly lower height. Let’s head over quietly.”

“I understand, master.” Planet Eye quickly adjusted according to what Su Bai instructed and headed toward the Blood Beach.

“By the way, Little Dragon, do they not sense you?” He released the dragon and it shrank to a meter long to fly beside him.

Don’t worry. I’m an Ancestor Blood Dragon. As long as I don’t want to, all blood subordinates can’t sense me. It raised its head proudly.

“That’s good.” He nodded.

At this moment, a young man had come into view not too far in front of Su Bai.

Next to him were two Electromagnetic Satellite Monsters and a monarch Chameleon.

“Guys, life is full of surprises. After living for so many years, I, Fang Laoba, am finally here at the terrifying emperor monster wilderness. I’m here on Blood Beach at your request in order to bring you a wonderful live expedition.”

“What the f*ck! Amazing. Anchor, you’re so impressive!”

“Laoba, you’re finally online! This is so exciting. Hurry up; I want to see the Flesh Devourer.”


“Brothers and sisters, pay attention, don’t get lost when you go home. Continue to send me gifts, so I can live.

“Not far from me is the Sea of Blood while the legendary horrible monster Flesh Devourer is right in front of me.

“Let’s follow the camera—f*ck! How could there be another Flesh Devourer here?!”

As Fang Laoba spoke, he suddenly noticed that the sky had darkened. A blood-red flesh ball with a diameter of more than one kilometer floated from his left side.

This fleshy ball was huge, its surface was constantly squirming, and blood-red tubes stretched out in all directions with teeth and claws, devouring all the lives that it perceived.

He was too terrified that he fell to the ground!

The live broadcast room had also become heated at this moment.

“F*ck! Laoba is a goner this time!”

“When it rains, the ground becomes slippery. Laoba has sought his own death!”

“Hurry up and run! F*ck! My intense phobia is about to surface!”

“F*ck! Laoba, run away quickly! I won’t have any more live broadcasts to watch if you die!”

“Don’t be afraid. Just do it!”

“I’ve already made the call. Beg for more blessings yourself!”

Following the reposts from fans, the broadcast’s popularity soared to tens of millions, and the live broadcast room burst instantly.

In front of an emperor Flesh Devourer, people had no hope for his escape.

“Oh, my God! Look, there’s a man in the sky! The Flesh Devourer isn’t eating him despite him just standing there; it even turned around!”

Laoba had gotten up, ready to flee desperately, but the situation turned around again.

Not only did a golden metal ball appear in the sky, a young man in black was even standing on it.

For some reason, the Flesh Devourer suddenly braked and turned, rushing toward the Sea of Blood as if it were afraid of the man.

“F*ck! Isn’t he the big boss Su Bai? He actually appeared here. My god, is he going to hunt down those two devourers?”

“Gosh! He’s so handsome; it turned out to be Su Bai!!”

“I love you, Su Bai!”

“As long as he’s handsome, I don’t mind even if he’s a fallback guy.”

Soon the audience recognized Su Bai, and the barrage went crazy. The popularity of the live broadcast room soared to more than sixty million in an instant.

Fang Laoba looked at this scene and was suddenly at a loss. Life was really full of ups and downs.

One moment, he thought that he was a goner; the next moment, he found that, not only had he survived, the popularity of his live broadcast room had reached an unprecedented peak, too.

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