Soul Guardian

Soul Guardian

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    Things were going great for the demon Bael-Sharoth until a little girl summoned him to open a jar of tomato sauce. Now he's trapped in the human world along with his arch nemesis the beautiful and capable Maharet Flameheart.

    Life isn't easy for a demon in a small town. But at least the parks are hellhound friendly and the werewolf at the local bookshop seems nice enough.

    Bael and Maharet must find a loving human family to take in this powerful young witch before time runs out or risk being stuck on earth forever.

    What to expect: A cozy found family romantic comedy in the style of Good Omens and On a Pale Horse.

    Gruesomely Wholesome. Enemies to Lovers. Strong Male and Female Characters. Loyal Hellhounds. Sassy Hellcats. A happy ending.

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