Shinobi Exam: First Question, Why Was Akatsuki Destroyed?

Shinobi Exam: First Question, Why Was Akatsuki Destroyed?

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    That year, the Akatsuki was still hiding in Rain Village.

    That year, Konan wasn't relieved from the pain of losing Yahiko yet.

    That year, an unfamiliar live exam space pulled the Akatsuki group in.

    It asked:

    What was the reason Akatsuki was destroyed before the Fourth Shinobi War?

    A: The unrealistic goal of peace in the shinobi world.

    B: It's too weak to resist the coalition of the shinobis.

    C: Members of the Akatsuki organization took off their clothes in battle.

    D: Deception by internal members from beginning to end.

    Pain: “The most unlikely is the most likely, I choose C.”

    Which of the following characters is not an undercover agent of Konoha?

    A: Konan.

    B: Uchiha Itachi.

    C: Pain.

    D: Uchiha Obito.

    Pain looked at the sweating Uchiha Itachi.

    “Red, what do you think of this question?”

    P.s: For the fairness of this exam, everything was broadcasted live to the Ninja World!

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