Seeking Immortality In The World Of Cultivation

Seeking Immortality In The World Of Cultivation

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    Transmigrated to the Cultivation World.

    Initially, I thought I would have to fight those fierce cultivators to the death, struggling for the slim chance of obtaining immortality.

    Unexpectedly, I came equipped with an endless-lifespan panel.

    What should I do now that I've suddenly become ageless?

    “Countless living beings fight each other to the death in order to become immortal.”

    “That's because their lifespans are limited, if they don't fight, they'll die!”

    “But I'm different.”

    “If I go and fight, that's when I'll really die.”

    “As long as I can endure and slowly cultivate, one day I'll become an immortal.”

    This is a story of an everlasting being who endures his way to immortality in the Cultivation World.

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